Friday, May 2, 2008

The Russians Are Coming!

I may have mentioned I traded away my 15mm Fallshirmjagers. They’ve been shipped off to a friendly fellow in the Netherlands who was kind enough to send me a whole pile of 28mm Russians (and some other cool stuff) in trade. When they arrived earlier in the week I immediately started basing and priming a bunch of them. Here’s some pictures so far…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here’s a bunch of the stuff that’s yet to be painted. In total there was 28 Russian infantrymen and 10 partisans. These are mostly Bolt Action Miniatures - which I have to say are pretty darn nice figures! – and a few Black Tree Design. There is also a Bolt Action Miniature GAZ67b command car, and a KV-1 and a KV-2 (I think from Army Group North Miniatures). Also, not pictured, were 4 old citadel Halflings (I have a few of the same vintage – almost enough to make a unit now!), a dozen Vikings, a mounted Napoleonic Marshall of some sort and four really cool pirates – There’ll be painted pics of those soon enough…

So far I’ve cranked out a few of the Russians. 9 Regular infantry…

…and four scouts.

Because it’s never enough to do something in ONE scale I also painted up a stand of Platoon 20 Russians Scouts…

And just for something completely different; some modern militia/partisan-types for some future Cold War Commander game. I was really happy with the check pattern on the lumberjack-type jacket on the left – doesn’t look half as nice in the picture. Can anyone guess what jacket the guy on the right is wearing?


  1. Re: the jacket on the right. Is that the Wolverines jacket from Red Dawn?

  2. Yes it is!

    I even tried painting the wolverine on the back...!

  3. Good luck on your biking regimen--I'm sure our cold, snowy winter this year didn't help in that regard. Although I hope you still get enough gaming and painting in, too.

    And the Soviet tanks are AGNM ones. (And if they were bought within the past two years, I'm the one who cast them!)

  4. Thanks Andy!

    Well those are some darn nice casts, I must say! Truely a professional job - I've done a little resin casting myself and I get bubbles everywhere!? I've even BOUGHT resin scenery that was full of bubbles. These tanks are smooth and flawless! Just perfect! I think I'm going to have to put them together this week and paint them...!

    I'm not entirely sure HOW I'm going to use them in a skirmish scenario.... but where there's a will, there's a way! Perhaps I see some German tanks (or at least some AT guns) in the not TOO distant future.... (or maybe just some German tank hunters to start with...).