Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flight to Bashkent

Rick and Jackson are back and we thought we’d have another crack at Great War HOTT. Using, more or less, the same types of things as in the previous game (at some point we will add trenches and wire and aircraft, etc…). I did decide to try a slightly different scenario, however…

Again the only real change we’ve made to the original HOTT rules are to increase the ranges of shooters and the various types of artillery, limit the number of times a stand can recoil – depending on the unit’s quality or morale, and shooters are required to fire on the closest eligible target…

I have a new Command stand for the Bolsheviks and classed it as a “spear” this time. It becomes a bit more resilient – but has no ranged attack (which, really, I don’t think a command stand should have…). it worked out quite nicely.

Bashkent, July 1918


After the debacle at Bahkabad the Tsarists have the Reds on the run! All the units in the area are falling back to the city of Bashkent. The remains of a Regiment from the Bolshevik’s Derkaderka Brigade – reduced to two understrength battalions - is hotly pursued by the “Saviors of Bashkabad” – the 5th “General Bronovich” Rifle Regiment under the command of General Jacksoneyev.


The Bolsheviks set up anywhere within 1500 paces of the west table edge. The Tsarists then set up within 600 paces. The Bolsheviks then take the first move.

The Bolshevik’s win by either breaking the Tsarist force or by exiting 50% of their starting force off the East table edge. The Tsarist will win if they prevent the Bosheviks from doing so.


Tsarist Forces

5th “General Bronovich” Rifle Regiment – General Jacksoneyev

1x Regimental commander (Rider) General – Regular

8x Rifle Companies (Shooters) - Conscript
1x Machingun Company (Artillery) - Regular
1x Field Battery (Artillery) - Regular

2nd Timashenko Cossack Regiment – attached
3x Cavalry (Riders) – Regular

Bolshevik forces

3rd Regiment Derkaderka Brigade – General Lowellowski

1x Regimental Commander (Spear) – Regular
6x Rifle Companies (Shooters) – Conscript
1x Machinegun Companies (Artillery) - Regular


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The bolshies are on the run!

Rick decided to deploy them all facing where he was going so they could be moved most quickly as a group. They could have been deployed facing the enemy but would have had to use a lot more PIPs to retire as a group can’t move backwards, only individual stands.

…and they’re off! The Cossacks are closing fast!

One of the battalions is left behind to slow the Cossacks… unfortunately they were left on the reverse slope of a hill…

The Cossacks charge over the hill and into the riflemen waiting there in ambush!

(meanwhile the Tsarist artillery has set up and caused some disruption in the main Bolshevik line).

…and the Cossacks wipe out the Blosheviks on the hill…

…and continue to shase down the rest of the Bolsheviks!

The Bolshies are caught!

MG and Rifle companies are destroyed. The command group reels from the ferocious charge…. It is all over…

Fun and quick.

If I played it again I’d have only given the Tsarists two stands of Cavalry… or three but made the general a foot unit….

I think we should try a bigger game using the “Big Battle” rules, with multiple commands, sometime soon… I’m also anxious to try out some rules for trenches and wire… SMG armed troops… Airplanes…


  1. We are also doing early 20th century Hott. After much trial and error we give shooters long range fire.

    Long range fire replaces any destroyed result with a recoil instead and represents harassing fire.

    We also let any element shoot like a shooter element for 1 extra AP.

    So far, so good