Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is why I need a PLAN so I’m not so skattered-all-over-the-palce with the painting….

I thought it might be fun to try out painting some of the Romans I have….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Auxilia – I think these are old 80’s Citadel miniatures that were produced by Ral Partha in North America. Just need three more of these stands to complete the Auxilia for the first army...

Psiloi – Not sure of the manufacturer of these. Only need the one.

Having a quick look at the stuff I’ve got I could EASILY make at least THREE DBA Early Imperial Roman armies… probably four… maybe even FIVE!? Who the heck are they going to fight against (other than themselves)!?

I guess there’s the Picts… but they would be more of an opponent for the Middle Imperial Romans.

I wonder what sort of fantastical elements could a guy add to a Roman army to “HOTTify” it?


  1. Perhaps some creatures of Roman/Greco Mythology?

  2. Yes, exactly... but which ones!?

    I'm not so familiar with Roman Mythology. As far as I recall it was more or less a rip off of Greek mythology...

  3. You could add in various Priests of the Roman Gods to add magic users.

    More greek but a unit of minotaurs. Maybe a giant kraken. A general or unit mounted on Pegasai.

  4. How about a soothsayer in wolfskin cloak ala Asterix and Obelix?

  5. Ooh, priests and soothsayers... yeah!

    Wow, it's probably been 20+ years since I looked at an Asterix book (which is odd considering I loved them in my youth and am a bit of a comic geek). I should grab some from the library for inspiration!

    years ago I saw a bunch of Asterix 25mm minisin a store and I have been kicking myself ever since for not having bought a DBA army's worth of them!!

  6. Well, you could use Mars as a God, you've got plenty of scope for Heroes (Caesar, Caesar wannabes, that dude who was carrying the eagle who jumped out of the ship when they were making an opposed landing in Britain), Sneakers (sappers), Lurkers (a Legionary hiding behind a bush, or a twig), Fartillery, Hordes (armed slaves, like after Cannae), Behemoths (legionaries in their tortoise formation - though you'd have to class it as a foot Behemoth lest it gets shot to pieces by arrows, the very things their shields are protecting them from), Priests (pagan and Christian)...I just can't think of an easy fit for Flyers.

    HOTT's brilliant, you can justify pretty much anything!


  7. Great work on some rather dated sculpts.

    I wonder if Orcs are not that far off some of the barbarian tribes the Romans encountered (at least in the Roman mind).

    Bob in Edmonton

  8. Are you suggesting I include Orc allies in a Roman army...!?


    You know now that you mention it I'm sure I've seen fantasy minis in Roman segmented armour.... Might have been Dwarves though... Rafm, maybe...?

  9. I was thinking Orcs as opponents, moreso than allied troops. You should really pick up the Osprey on that to be sure... .

    Bob in Edmonton

  10. That would be "Men-at-Arms series #667 - Rome's Ememies (6) Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves from the Lands of Fancy"?

    I'll look into it!


  11. Zvezda makes (made?) some plastic 28mm undead Romans.

    West Wind make Imerial Dwarfs.

    of even better, for some variety, some Hellenistic/Macedonian dwarf phalanx...

    or any number of other options:

    I think any sort of barbaric looking figures would be feasible for a "Romans exploring the edges of the earth" type fantasy setting. ;)

  12. Wow!? Those Zvezda "Cursed Legion" look COOL!! Thanks!

    I think those dwarves are the ones I had seen recently... I've been looking at getting some of the WW Dwarf Wars Highland Dwarves!

  13. Wow! I like the look of those undead Romans. Thanks for the links Zero TwentyThree.