Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crankin’ out the Anglos

I’ve had a busy and productive week churning out a pile of Anglo-Danish in a vain effort to finish off a DBA army for my friend Chris who has been visiting the last couple days… I did not succeed in finishing the entire army… but I did get about 2/3 done…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

First are some Psiloi – slingers from Gripping Beast, though these were produced under license in North America and the pack did not actually contain any slings, only javelins… Luckily I HAD some slings that I was able to use (though if I hadn’t making some out of green stuff would have been simple enough).

Next, some MORE psiloi – mostly from the same packs though I added some Black Tree Design guys as I didn’t’ have quite enough…

Now a DBA army only needs ONE stand of psiloi… but one of each of the above were actually for me – and that leaves each of us with a stand of sling-psiloi and a stand of javelin-psiloi to deploy whichevet one suits us for any particular battle…

Three stands of Spear. These are a mix of Gripping Beast and Old Glory.

Finally, four stands of Huscarls (Blade). These are also a mix of Gripping Beast and Old Glory.

Yes, I know, Anglo-Danes only have three stands of Blade in their arm I did the extras because, well, I had them for one. Also if it’s ever fielded as a Hordes of the Things it gives Chris the ability to field more Blades if he so desires (as with HOTT army your options are a little more “open”)... and who knows maybe he'll field them as a Warhammer Ancients unit at some point...?

Since the army I already had was made of the same figures I sent Chris home with some of my own army so he could have a complete army to battle his Normans! I can now paint up the balance to replace the spears I gave away on my own time…

Finally a Wraith King from Reaper Miniatures

I still haven’t updated the tally of figures purchased…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Back to work on the Romans and then replacing the Anglo-Danes… and maybe some NINJAS!?

I should also have a post up shortly with a brief report of a couple HOTT/DBA games we played while chris was visiting...


  1. Great army.
    Love the central figure in the spear elements finishing off a 'poor' Norman!

  2. I always like seeing what you're up to! I used to have zero interest in Anglo-Saxons, but Cornwell's novels changed that. I have my 1/72 plastic Saxons waiting to be turned into a DBA army. I gotta get on that! I also just bought one of Black Tree's Saxon sets. I gotta get on that too! Painting one character model should be a project limited enough for me to actually complete.

  3. Thanks!

    Yeah, some Old Glory lines seem to have oddball dead and dying figures - or almost "vignettes", as in this case - that they throw into packs!?

  4. STILL nice stuff.. well done.. my own painting has ground to a standstill as other activities take priority at the moment.. hopefully back to it soon.
    Keep up the great work


  5. Tim,
    This blog rocks. Not being able to decide what basing system or system to use has kept me from doing anything with my historical and other non-GW miniatures, but your stuff just looks so awesome in use.

    I played HOTT years ago at cons, but didn't get much use of my copy before loosing it. This blog made me reorder a copy.

    I now have big plans of rebasing my WFB stuff, painting my celts and carthaginians, basing them up and playing HOTT till I die.

    The pictures, battle reports and the fact you play with family and buddies is all heart warming and inspiring. Thanks a million for this gem of a site.

    Emmet, Ireland.

  6. Nice! You don't happen to have another wraith king for trade, do you? Now CVT has no excuse for not gaming with me!

    Bob in Edmonton

  7. Thanks guys!

    Bob - No, sorry, I don't have a spare. it is a nice figure, eh? I just picked it up thought, so I'm sure there has to be others available out there (even though it says it's been "out of general distribution" since 2006..). I got mine from Rafm, of all places.... Maybe try the Sentry Box..?

    Reaper Wraith King

    CVT also picked up a Ancient Britton army for DBA... Unfortunately its in 15mm so they won't be fighting your Romans... He'll be painting that himself... but he has it!... Now you guys in Edmonton have DBA armies in 6mm, 15mm AND 25mm!?