Friday, January 29, 2010

More Indians

After Sean’s comment on the last post I had to bust out Last of the Mohicans last night and while I watched (well… mostly “listened to”…) that I finished up two more stands of Indians. Actually I think I had been watching Barry Lyndon while I was painting the Cannons earlier in the week…

These are some more North American Indians for my Seven Years War British and French. The miniatures are from Old Glory.

I also finished up a couple of “dead markers” for the French and re-based a Highlander (who had previously been based on a much smaller base – I put him on a bigger one to match all the other dead markers).

I like having the dead markers for when I’m planning to do a battle report of the game – putting them down to replace a stand that has just been lost gives a more clear visual indication of what’s going one and saves having to do before and after pictures for readers to study to determine exactly where stands were lost. I’d like to have dead markers for all my armies…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

After finishing up these I cleared off my workbench and started a grand reorganization… a clean slate upon which I will heretofore only place small numbers of figures that I intend to finish before moving on to something else… so many choices… where to start…?

I may put those Phoenix Clan Samurai archers back on – because they are so very close to completion… Then I have to do some planning and see what – if anything - I need to get done for the upcoming HOTT campaign, and then work on stuff I might need for the Dark Ages DBA campaign and my Savage Worlds L5R Campaign… and maybe work in some other fun stuff here and there.

I’m kind of all over the place again… so many things I want to get working on and just not enough time to see them ALL get to any sort of state that would be of use. In the last week I’ve felt the urge to paint some sci-fi skirmishers, space ships, MORE 18th Centruy stuff (mostly British – for the DBA army… but also some French Cavalry, and assorted figures to be based individually for skirmishing!?), some English Civil War horse (and then start a SECOND ECW/DBA army…), various Elves, various Dwarves, Samurai, Modern SWAT team members, Amazon horse archers, Hoplites, The ”B Team”, some more Phoenix Clan Shugenja, Trolls, Skaven, some Goblin Hordes, skeleton archer and cavalry… and the list goes on...


  1. Ah the B-Team. One of the more frustrating e-experiences I have had gaming is a popular website where recasting results in e-tarring and e-feathering (fair enough) but it is fine to discuss and accept advertising from companies that sell "look-alikes" such as the B-Team which are clear copyright violations. I know it is a small thing I should just get over. But that kind of hypocrisy makes me crazy.

  2. Gee that wouldn't be the Miniatures Page would it...?

  3. I'm not naming names. I should just shut up about it anyhow--the figures are cool looking. It just sticks in my craw a bit. Whine, whine, whine.

    I always wonder how Foundry does not get hit with cease-and-desist letters from Universal, especially with the new movie in the works. I pity da foole who messes with Universal--they's helluva a tough about their IP. I'll now stop this jibber-jabber.

  4. All those painted mini's just stunning!!