Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Earth-Pig and His Barbarian Friend

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I think both of these were made by Citadel Miniatures in the 1980s. Thrud I’ve owned since then and have only just repainted… Cerebus (apparently sold as “Aardvark berserker” or something like that) I recently picked up off ebay.

Now I am no super-fan of Cerebus (I’ve only every read the collection of the first 25 issues), but I am a sucker for “celebrity” figures…

To give you a sense of scale…

The two pictured with a few of the Dork Tower Miniatures I painted a while back. Who would win here?

The two (and some of the Dork Tower miniatures) with a Saxon (on the left) from Crusader Miniatures, a High Elf Shadow Elf (center) from Games Workshop, and “Slug Eat Your Face” (right) from Thunderbolt Mountain.

Thrud and Cerebus and Jack Burton versus The A team and Michael Douglas’ character from Falling Down…

Okay, this is getting much too silly

If only I’d picked up those Groo miniatures… or those Asterix miniatures… sigh…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… Some other stuff….?


  1. I pity da foole who links unsuspecting viewers to month Python clips.

  2. That Cerebus is pretty darn cool! I'll have to keep an eye open for one as I have a friend who's a huge fan.


  3. Apparently there was a couple of them:

    Citadel Weird Fantasy

    WF6 "Aggressive Aardvark" - the one I have
    WF7 "Berserker Aardvark - with an axe!

    and one just for you Curt:

    WF9 Angus the Aardvark - with claymore and kilt!

  4. Ooh and WF8 "Aardvark Wizard"...

  5. ha ha - maybe an aardvark "aarmy"?

    Nice work on Thrud! (I believe there were several variations of him, too)

    I know you have some Tintin and Captain Haddock minis, too...

    (now, I could go for Groo and Asterix miniatures myself)