Friday, March 2, 2012

20mm WW2 Soviets!?

And now for something completely different…

I knocked these off in an evening. I feel like a cheap point whore… I totally did them just to gain some points in the Analogue Hobbies. Spring Thaw Painting Challenge... I will paint something more... worthy...? next...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The whole group. Most of these are old Platoon 20 castings, though the command element and one of the Infantry stands is from Plastic Soldier Model Company. The 20mm stuff I will use for Blitzkrieg Commander - when I get around to playing that again… hopefully someday…

The Infantry

The Support – Machineguns, Mortar, and Sappers (though in BKC the stands represent platoons and the mortar looks a little small-ish to be a support platoon mortar – it looks more like a light mortar that might be organic to a company or something… Ah well… it’s a mortar… players will understand…)

A comparison shot – 20mm (1/76) Platoon 20 on the left, 1/72 (25mm) Plastic Soldier Model Company on the right.

Whoops I just realized I'd planned to do 6/base for the Soviets regular infantry and I'd only put 5 on the PSMC base... (the Platoon 20 stand above with 5 is an SMG platoon)

I picked up two boxes of the PSMC Soviets (114 infantrymen!) Which should finish up a Battalion of Soviets. I also picked up a box of guns – the come with different barrels and could be an assortment of different AT guns or an Infantry gun. There four in the pack, I’ll probably do two anti-tank guns and two infantry guns.

I also re-based some 20mm WW2 Soviet Sailors. I should finish off two more companies worth so I can field a battalion...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

On the workbench I have a pile of spaceships, some Greeks (both historical and mythical), some Norman/Frankish Knights, and a number of other odd and sundry items… I DON’T have more soviets at the moment… but you never know… I do have some 1/72 Soviet cavalry tucked away in a box somewhere…


  1. But that's what's excellent about the painting challenge, I think we're all getting so much more painted than usual. All the FIW limbers I painted recently, would have stayed in the box if it wasn't for the challenge, keep up the great work, but not too much, your getting too close to me at the No2 spot!

  2. Yup, I agree with Ray. Set yourself a public target and watch your painting rate skyrocket. I gave myself a miniature a day challenge on one of my blogs last year - the goal was to have as many miniatures painted at the end of each calander month as there were days in the month. Scael didnt matter, a 15mm infantryman and a 28mm vehicle still counted as one mini each.

    Damn, I got a lot painted that year.

  3. Nice job! My goal this year is get down to no unpainted figures. This is an exciting challenge and is forcing me to confront some figures I've found too intimidating to deal with before.

  4. Bob - If I completely stopped buying figures and continued painting at at my usual frenetic pace it would take me five years to finish painting all the 28mm stuf I have... (then there's the 20mm/1:72 stuff...)!? A sensible rational person would probably look at that statement and say - it's time to stop buying stuff and start painting... doesn't seem to stop me from acquiring new stuff. (although I did trade away a buttload of stuff this past weekend , unfortunately a good chunk of it was painted so that doesn't really put me that further ahead in the painted vs. unpainted...).

  5. Stop buying maybe... Perhaps don't stop buying, just get rid of all that stuff you know you'll never paint :) I've done that a bit, and it feels pretty good... Good riddance Nap French! :) But whatever man, buy as much as you like! It's great to relate to someone ;)