Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Imperial Russian Infantry Brigade

I’ve been painting up a storm this past week, trying to rack up a few more points for the Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge… and, while I won’t show you the individual pics of what I finished (lest I incur the wrath of CURT!) – a few of the things I painted, finished off my Great War Russian Infantry Brigade…

This force was finished at one point… Then I re-based it… then I re-based, and re-organized it and in the process realized I was about 20 figures short of two full regiments… and really only because they’d be quick and easy to paint, I decided to finish those off this week. So here’s what we’ve got…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is the whole force. Two regiments of four battalions, plus a few machine-gun detachments, supporting artillery and attached cavalry…

The Tsar and family (and an orthodox priest)

The Tsar and his family are from West Wind Productions and the priest is from Brigade Games

The two Regimental Commanders. I think these were both from West Wind as well – part of the old “Cowboy Wars” line, if you can believer that – I think the pack was called Russian Hunting Party #2… or something like that…

1st Regiment.

The Regiment is made up of four battalions of fifteen figures each. Why fifteen? Well because the rules I’ll most often use are a mash up based on Contemptible Little Armies and Ever Victorious Armies (and a few others too) and the units in there are between 8 and 18… and originally I’d had units of 13... but the current storage drawers I have fit ten of these guys across. Three rows is 30 – two units of fifteen. Ten seemed too small… 20 seems a bit big… Fifteen..

2nd Regiment.

The rank anf file soldiers in these two Rifle Regiments were modeled by my friend John Bertolini

These are the officers of the battalions above. The four on the right are from Copplestone Castings. The next four are from the same Brigade Games pack as the Orthodox Priest above, and the last one is, I believe from Crusader Miniatures (stragely enough, once again, from a “Wild West” line – I think the pack was called “foreigners”!?)

A pair of “Snipers” for more Pulp Adventurey games… These were form the same West Wind/Cowboys Wars pack as the Regimental Commanders.

A standard bearer. Modified one of John’s castings. I have a second one with just the pole, if I ever get around to making a flag for it, each of the Regiments can have one - to follow their Regimental Commander around. For now This fellow will follow around whatever is acting as Brigade Commander…

The Machine-gun Detachments. The two on the outside are from Old Glory, and the one in the middle is from Coppelstone Castings.

I might like to get one more... That way I'd have a nice even two per regiment... maybe someday...

The Guns (one GUN, rather). I do have a second one to assemble and paint up some day… The model and crew are from Battle Honors.

The Cavalry. Could be fielded as two smaller forces of 8 or one big one of 16… painted up as Cossacks from two different hosts… don’t ask me which ones, I can’t remember… The men were modeled and cast (and painted, of course) by myself. The Horses were bought – Hinchifee, I think…?

Some dead and dying Russians for morale failure tokens. These are from Old Glory

Incase I ever decide to use the force as elements of the Asian Cavalry Division – this is Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg and a his bodyguard (figures from Coppelstone Castings)

Ungern-Sternberg on foot. A frightful sight, is he not?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some pics of what I painted over the last week. You should probably be able to see most of them over at Analogue Hobbies by now.


  1. Woweewow! Impressive & inspiring. You go DUDE! Best, Dean

  2. Daggone Tim! You make it hard to pick up a brush some times. LOL! Wonderful looking army!

  3. Well I assure you it has never been my purpose to DISCOURAGE others from painting!? I always find INSPIRATION in looking at what others have done (especially DeanMs!) and hoped that posting mine would do the same for others!

    Cheers Guys!