Tuesday, June 19, 2012

British Officer – Zulu War

I’ve been mostly cleaning and tidying and reorganizing stuff the last day. I bought some new storage drawers and have been shifting things about. Splitting up collections that have outgrown their current storage drawers, getting other stuff that’s been sitting in cardboard boxes, cluttering up my workbench and surrounding space into a semi-permanent home. The plus side to all of this is that I am reminded, in a very visual way, of how very many unpainted minis I have (and should be working on – and have NO NEED TO BUY MORE!?). The downside is I am often distracted from what I was trying to focus on (If “focus” can be a work do describe my all-too-brief obsessions with one period or another) and find something else that looks “more shiny”… Today’s mini being a perfect example….

A year ago I had been very excited about the Zulu War – and bought many (MANY!) figures for it. Oh, I painted a lot of them… but not really even close to all… or half… before I got distracted by… something else…? Was it the Fantasy campaign I started planning for the kids…? Anyway. I was reorganizing some of the stuff into different drawers and got thinking I should paint a few more of these units and play some more games. I felt as if I was on the cusp of having enough forces to put one some really big, exciting games… and there were so many elements I haven’t even started…

Well… We’ll see where it goes… I rationalized that I should just paint ONE FIGURE – something quick and easy (to either get it out of my system or get me more excited, I’m not sure). I picked out this British officer below

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

British Officer from Wargames Foundry.

He’s wearing a patrol jacket. This particular fellow is slated to lead one of my units of Natal Natives.

Will I get around to painting the rest of his unit… maybe… Hopefully sometime this summer. I occasionally have this bright idea that I should, each week, paint a new unit for a different game or period – adding to the existing collections – and then run a scenario incorporating the new unit… of course that would require time to pland and run such games… not to mention a regular bunch of players that would show up on a regular basis to PLAY such games…

I suppose I DO have a regular bunch of players that would be ready and willing to play anything at anytime…. (the kids!) So far I’ve only introduced them to DBA/HOTT and Savage Worlds.

The paint a new unit each week doesn’t really work for DBA – as it would require painting a whole new ARMY!? I suppose there’s a few existing HOTT armies I have that I also have unpainted figures for that I could paint up as new options.

I suppose I could paint a handful of new figures for a Savage Worlds skirmish… but there are limited periods I’m interested in gaming with them at the moment – mostly pre-gunpowder (fantasy, ancients, mythical, etc).

Perhaps I should make some new skirmish terrain.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… hard to say… 

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  1. Paint more of these guys Tim. I have taken a break from my WW1 stuff this week and painted up a few Zulus. Just for a change. The officer looks excellent.