Sunday, June 24, 2012

HOTT Summer 2012 Part Four: Year Three of the Campaign

So we began Year Three with Myomorpha as a vassal of Petroland and New Angland owning one of Myomorpha’s original cities. I don’t remember if John was able to fully rebuild his army over the winter. It was kind of all on the honor system. I was only really trying to keep track of what I still had…


Player: Bob
Army: Centaurs
Country: Petroland
Cities: Pavet, Mynet, Logit

Player: Tim
Army: Japanese
Country: Manga
Cities: Shojo, Gekiga, Kodomo

Player: David
Army: English Civil War
Country: New Angland
Cities: Kong Hong, Haiwei, Sintien, Leithia, Hangshai

Player: John
Army: Ratlings
Country: Myomorpha – Vassal of Petroland
Cities: Monsei, Hamelin,


Year Three Declarations

Seeing as how Petroland was looking like he was in a pretty good position and had shored up their other border, Manga declared war on them… and their vassal Myomopha.   New Angland also declared war on Myomorpha. Petroland declared war on Manga and New Angland, and Myomorpha declared war on New Angland…. So I think pretty much everyone was at was except New Angland and Manga (the Human Alliance) and of course Petroland and Myomorpha couldn’t be at war (the Furry Fraternity)

Spring Deployment

There was actually some planning and coordination involved in this… The army of Manga deployed in Kodomo. New Angland deployed in Leithia. Myomorpha deployed in Monsei. Petroland deployed in Logit.

Spring Moves

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The armies of Myomorpha and New Angland, marched against each other, to no one’s surprise. New Angland got off first and so the battle took place in Myomorpha’s capitol of Monsei. Manga Sailed to Hangshai and marched inland to Leithia – to prevent Petroland from marching in there and cutting off new Angland’s Retreat/line of supply – should thing not go well for them in Monsei. Petroland didn’t march On Leithia, but rather laid siege to Sintien.

The Second Battle of Monsei

The rats prepare to defend their swamp. Monsei is build on the ruins of swamp castle (the third swamp castle – the one that burned down, fell over, AND sank into the swamp – it has good foundations).

John looking puzzled. Perhaps he’s wondering what that rider is ccgalloping off on his own way off to the flank… perhaps he’s wonder what to do with is PIP this turn…

The army of New Angland advances

And then the dragon showed up….

And ate everything…


With Myomorpha as his vassal, New Angalnd turned their eyes north and rode off to relieve the siege of Sintien. With my work done there, the Army of Manga retired back to Kodomo. The rats remained in Monsei to lick their wounds and… well... I don’t suppose they were rebuilding or anything… maybe they were re-messing the place up again after the those damned New Anglanders made it so tidy while they were there…?

The Battle of Sintien

The army of New Angland arrives to relieve the beleaguered city of Sintien.

The Centaurs charge forward – hoping to break the New Anglanders before their dragon caught the smell of Horse-man-flesh and decided it was feeling a bit peckish. 

The Centaurs had some initial success… but then the dragon showed up with a mad-ass case of the munchies.


The Rats continued to re-grow their filth. New Angland pursued the Centaurs back to Logit. And, realizing I’d have a reduced army next year anyway if I didn’t participate in some siege or battle, the Army of Manga braved the stormy seas and sailed for Mynet to invest it once again – this time, much of everyone’s surprise – successfully! 

The Second Battle of Logit.

The Centaurs didn’t really have much of an army left… four elements (plus their lurkers…? I guess that’s 12AP…). But bob put up a brilliant defence! First the Airboat was obliged to flee off the table, then the dragon, too, though things were getting a bit hot and fled….

This still wasn’t quite enough to pursuade the New Anglanders to depart so the Centaurs forces reformed and charged up the middle to mee the New Anglander’s foot.

Eventually they were whittled away and the General was slain…?

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 The War rages on with YEAR FOUR of the campaign!


  1. In my battle the mighty jezzailachis team of Ratty Dragonslayer and his assitant Pip, chased away the dragon. I lost because, I lost my hero...

    I was actually at 23 points to start year 3.

  2. Yes, this was maybe my best play of the weekend. Way outnumbered, fighting both the New Anglelanders and their damnable Rat vassals. Felt good to win since I was hooped if I lost and way out numbers.