Sunday, June 24, 2012

HOTT Summer 2012 Part Three: Year Two of the Campaign

Everything back to where it was at the beginning… except I think I was down a couple stands to start with… and I replaced my Sneakers with a Cleric (as we were allowing such substitutions). I think everyone else waas back up to full strength, but John also decided that Magicians weren’t so useful in a Horde army and so took a Hero to replace his lost Wizard.


Player: Bob
Army: Centaurs
Country: Petroland
Cities: Pavet, Mynet, Logit
Starting Army:
1x Magician General (Centaur Shamen)
1x Knight (Armoured Centaurs)
2x Shooters (Satyrs)
7x Riders (Centaurs)

Player: Tim
Army: Japanese
Country: Manga
Cities: Shojo, Gekiga, Kodomo
Starting Army:
1x Knight General (Mounted Samurai)
1x Cleric (Priests)
4x Shooters (Ashigaru Archers)
3x Spear (Ashigaru Spearmen)

Player: David
Army: English Civil War
Country: New Angland
Cities: Kong Hong, Haiwei, Sintien
Starting Army:
1x Cleric General
2x Shooters (Musketeers)
4x Spear (Pikemen)
1x Knight (Cuirassier)
1x Airboat (
1x Dragon (um… pretty self-explanitory)

Player: John
Army: Ratlings
Country: Myomorpha
Cities: Monsei, Leithia, Hamelin, Hangshai,
Starting Army:
1x Hero (Verminlord)
2x Shooters (Jezails)
10x Hordes (Rats, sir, fousands of ‘em)
3x Blade (big , bad, nasty rats)


Year Two Declarations

This time I declared war on no one, waiting to see who might declare war on me… New Angland declared war on me, as well as Myomorpha. Myomorpha declared war on New Angland, and Petroland declared war on Myomorpha.

So… Manga was at war with New Angland, who was also at war with Myomorpha, who was also at war with Petroland… make sense…?

Spring Deployment

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Once again the army of Manga deployed in Kodomo, though there was less wondering about where exactly I might lead my troops. The army of New Angland played it safe starting in Kong Hong – expecting the Rats might start in Hangshai and march on his capitol in the Spring. The Rats didn’t however, they must have felt that hangshai was enough of a buffer – and that New Angland would have to worry about Manga from the east – and so looked to their Norhtern border with Petroland who had one place to go… thus the Rats deployed in Hamelin and the Centaurs opposite them in Logit.


The Rats got off to an earlier start and were at the borders of Logit before the Centaurs could move out. The Army of New Angland marched north to Hangshai to remove the Ratling administration by parading through the streets throwing rat poison down all the drains and gutters…

The Battle of Logit.

A rather open, scenic vista on the banks of the Pulpwaste River….

John, David, and Bob

This was an exceedingly short game. On Bob’s first bound he ensorcelled the Hero General and the Rats fled in panic.


Having returned Hangshai to New Angland, the Army pressed on into Myomorpha and laid siege to Leithia. Unfortunately just as the Army marched out of view, The sails of an invading fleet from Manga arrived and laid siege to Hangshai. Neither armies were successful in their sieges, which then carried on into autumn.

The Centaurs, however, pursued the fleeing rats acrtoss the border into Myomorpha and the Rats stopped their flight and gave battle at Hamelin.

The Battle of Hamelin.

John gives battle on the banks of the Ratpiss Water (a tributary of the Pulpwaste River).

Turn one and already the Lurkers are harrying the Rats rear.

The lines thundered forward and engaged.

The whole mess quickly denigrated into a confused brawl between furries.

Then the Airboat Allies arrived… and but it was pretty much all over… The rats were on the run once again…


The armies of New Angland and Manga continued their respective sieges. The Anglish were successful in reducing Leithia. Manga, not-so-much….

The Centaurs, hot on the heels of the rats (do rats have heels…?), pursued them to their capitol of Monsei.

The Battle of Monsei.

The battle straddled the banks of the Ratpiss Water.

Most of the fighting took place in a corridor between a swamp and the Ratpiss – though some brave centaurs galloped downt eh other side of the river and crossed it to attack the stronghold.

I’m not entirely sure what caused the end… lost general? Lost Stronghold? Lost army… but the rats went down and had to accept the horsiemen as their furry overlords.

The situation at the end of year two.

New Angland had taken Leithia, and Petroland had captured Hamelin and Monsei (though the latter two were returned to his vassal, along with the previously ensorcelled Hero, went the rats accepted the Centaurs as their overlord).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

 The War rages on with YEAR THREE of the campaign!


  1. I think the centaurs killed the rat general? Or maybe bagged the strong hold.

  2. Yes, they got the stronghold as I had no General (he was captured by your wizard)

  3. Oh you would have still had a general - you just didn't have a Hero anymore. When the general was lost you had designated another element to be the general.... We has joked about making it a Horde element, but I think you went with one of the Blade... and if that Blade had been taken out that would have ended the battle. I can't remember now. The weekend is a haze...

  4. I had a blade general, but the horses were afraid of him.

    This was the battle that Bob won while only getting 1 prestige point due to his losses.