Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magical Ballerina Fairy on Flying Pink Unicorn (of DOOM) Takes Flight!

The kidz are back from their visit with Nana and Grandad in Ontariario and the girl was anxious to have a go with the Flying Pink Pony Unicorn with Magical Ballerina Fairy


Army of Girlies
1x Aerial Hero General (Flying Pink Pony Unicorn with Magical Ballerina Fairy)
4x Shooters (Various Archers and Slingers)
1x Spear (Amazons with Spear)
2x Warband (Girlie Hobbits and Dark Elf Witch Elves)
2x Rider (Centaur Mares)

Army of Dwarves
1x Hero General (Bear Riding Dwarf King)
1x Beast (Giant Armoured Badgers)
2x Shooters (Dwarf Handgunners)
7x Blade (Dwarf Warriors)


The Army of Girlies were defending. The Boy decided the dwarves were invading due to some sort of disagreement over precious metal mineral rights in some mountain range along their mutual border region…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Girl and Army of Girlie Awesomeness.

The Boy and his Army of Dwarven Might

First Bound – I think both the kids were kind of taken aback by how far aerials can go – having never used them before…

Flying Pink Pony Unicorn with Magical Ballerina Fairy swooshed right over the Dwarvish line and set herself up for and assault on their rear in a subsequent bound.

The Dwarves charge in!

The lines initial clash.

The Dwarves dealt some serious blows in that initial engagement that the Girls would have a hard time recovering from – Two Shooters were knocked out in the first bound of combat!

Swoosh – the Magical Ballerina Fairy on her Flying Pink Pony Unicorn (with rainbow lasers!) comes to the rescue!

A unit of Dwarves is scattered before her rainbow awesomeness.

Even the boy was excited to see the Magical Ballerina Fairy on her Flying Pink Pony Unicorn in action!

Another bound of the Girls once more charging in…

Didn’t go so well – The Amazon spear were blown to bits by the Dwarvish Handgunners.

More back and forth.

The Dwarvish General kept pushing and pushing the Centaurs before him further and further back (while the Giant Armoured Badgers – having snuck around the flanks on the beach -  made a break for the Stronghold!)

More shoving back and forth…

Centaurs pushed further back…

…and finally broken. (Girls down four now, Dwarves only one).

A single PIP brought the other Centaurs back to try and slow the advance of the mighty, Bear-riding Dwarf King!

The Bear was on a rampage now, however, and savaged the centaurs attacking from behind.

The Magical Ballerina Fairy on her Flying Pink Pony Unicorn finally got back into the action…

…and wiped out another unit of Dwarf Warriors. (but it was too little, too late – the Girls were down five at this point, the Dwarves – only two…). 

The Giant Armoured Badgers finally made it to the stronghold and threw themselves wildly against the walls.

The Giant ARmoured Badgers were thrown back by the Strongholds defenders – but not for long…

The Magical Ballerina Fairy on her Flying Pink Pony Unicorn swooped in to save the stronghold – attacking the Giant Armoured badgers in the flank.

Unfortunately back where the remnants of the two main forces still hammered away at each other…

The witch elves also finally fell victim to the Dwarf Gunners relentless volleys.

While not entirely excited about her defeat, the Girl took things well and is excited to have another try with the Magical Ballerina Fairy on her Flying Pink Pony Unicorn… and is likely already plotting her brother's doom.

I don’t think she’s quite got the hang of how to make best use of her abilities. But she’s a clever one and will no doubt soon be handing her brother’s butt to him on a platter…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More HOTT action, and maybe some new figures… we shall see… 


  1. Give that Flying Pink Pony Unicorn with Magical Ballerina Fairy some Flyer wingmen - she's too vulnerable to being flanked while she's in ground combat otherwise. (Been there, done that).

  2. Hehe, kids can have so much fun playing a game of HOTT or something similar, it's amazing how much they grasp the idea of the game, isn't it?

  3. Excellent report. Again, it's a pleasure to see your kids enjoying their daddy's hobby!

  4. agreed with all the above comments :)

  5. Fun, I enjoyed this post
    Well done to all!