Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Cold War and Modern Stuff

I've been out and about the last couple of afternoons and missed the window of opportunity for taking pictures in sunlight, so here is another bigger batch – which puts me over 1200 28mm foot figures… 1216 to be precise. I’m not sure why 1200 28mm foot is so damn important – I’ve already painted well over 1200 figures. I’ve also painted 97 28mm mounted and 293 20mm foot(!) amongst other things. I guess 28mm foot is what I paint the most of and 1200 is a really big round number…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are some Afghans from The Assault Group. They’ll see action as generic Central Asian Mujahjideen – likely seeing a lot of action in Burkhaderkastan.

I also have a bunch from Mongrel Minis Afghans to paint up. When I’m done that (hopefully soon) I’ll get some pictures up comparing Assault Group, Mongrel, Eureka, and Devil Dog Designs.

This is a couple more guys for my first CDC/Hazmat Team. These figures are old Grenadier Miniatures (currently available from EM4 Miniatures).

And this is my OTHER Hazmat/Zombie Containment Team. These ones are from Hasslefree Miniatures. Why the heck do I need TWO Hazmat/containment teams…?! Have you seen how many ZOMBIES  I’ve been pumping out lately!?

A few more modern British infantry from The Assault Group. I think I’m actually finished all the regular infantry for this force. I still have to finish up the Warrior MCVs… and the Challengers…. And then there’s all the SAS and Marines… and I’m not even thinking about the COLD WAR era British… But still… finished stuff is finished stuff – gotta look for the little victories here or I’d be mired in despair.

This chap is also from The Assault Group. The figures is meant to be a Vietnam era American, but I’ve painted him in British DPM hoping to pass him off as a Cold War era British SAS (or Marine Arctic and Mountain Warfare?) trooper – in the main Force on Force book there’s a scenario for Top Malo house that requires a number of British marines with M79 Grenade launchers… which there aren’t many of in production these days… so… I’m going to use this chap for one…

Speaking of Cold War British – here’s a section from Mongrel Miniatures (which I recently bought off of Xander - Cheers!)

A Cold War British mortar team – also from Mongrel Miniatures - Though they’re not carrying any small arms, so they could probably be passed off as more modern gunners…

Some dead modern British from Brooks Miniatures.

A little camp fire. I think this came with the Renedra plastic tents I picked up a while back.

As promised (and requested) some more paictures of the FINISHED Zombie chicken mascot and his pal the zombie purple dinosaur mascot…

…and their other sides…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Maybe a year end round up… some plans for next year… a bit of last-minute painting…? 


  1. Great work as usual- I really like the colours for the Hazmat team, and look forwards to a starring role for the bagpiper.

  2. Excellent work! Happy New Year too ;)

  3. Really unique and well painted figures. Best, Dean

  4. Cracking work on those bits Tim, and thanks for the link!