Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Zombies, Ancient Greeks and a Navy Corpsman

Because sticking to one thing would just be way too boring… Actually it’s mostly zombies…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are all the zombified military-types from Victory Force Miniatures. I painted most as US Marines in MARPAT (because I have a lot of non-zombified US Marines) and there’s a couple of Army guys in ACU.

Also form Victory Force Miniatures a US Navy Corpsman. While I was ordering I thought I’d pick up one of their modern Marines to see how they compare to my Eureka Marines….

They’re pretty damn BIG compared to the Eureka Marines!? He's so burly he could throw an injured marine over each shoulder and carry them off to safety! 

ALSO from Victory Force Miniatures…. A zombie mascot!? (You can't quite see if, but he's got a big tail behind him that's half tore off))

Still more zombies from Mega Miniatures.

And finally; couple of Ancient Greeks from Black Tree Design - just to keep you all guessing as to what exactly I am up to!?

Oh, and this German Milan team from Eureka Miniatures has been sitting on the workbench, finished, for a few days and I forgot to include them in the last post… so here they are now… Unfortunately the best shot was from behind...? The rest were a bit fuzzy...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably more Zombies and Survivors and modern military stuff ( I have more US Marines and Modern Germans… Dead British… Dead Afghans… Challengers, T-72s and M1 tanks as well as Warriors and BTR-60s all competing for my attentions…)


  1. Replies
    1. They make five different ones. Some of them just look silly to me, but the dinosaur and the chicken (which I'm working one now) are pure gold!

  2. Love the zombies. The corpsman (corpseman?) is freaking' huge!

    1. Cheers Bob!

      Wait for it - some Britannia "28mm" US Rangers from their Mogadishu line just arrived today - they're easily as tall as the Victory force dudes - but even CHUNKIER (if that can be believed!?).

  3. Nice work Tim. Nice assortment of miniatures to game with.



  4. hello nice usmc figs. can you post a painting tutorial ,, MARPAT woodland camo is very nice and the coyote vest too...congratulations..THANKS.