Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MORE Zombies!!

I finished up a small horde of Zombies yesterday… most of them are from Cold War Miniatures. I ordered the complete “Dead Will Walk” collection which showed up a couple of days ago… Here is the firs batch of them…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The Horde… adding to the Horde I already have I have about 66 painted zombies. I have another 65 to do.

This isn’t counting the Weird War Two Soviet zomibes…

I’ve just realized, looking at these pictures that I’ve taken, I totally forgot to finish the based on the chicken mascot zombie (front and center, there) – which is the only miniatures in this lot that isn’t from Cold War Miniatures (it’s from Victory Force Miniatures).

Here’s some better pics of them…

Bobby and Grenadier Guard from the “Undead in London”

A few religious types from the “Good God” pack. (the other two in the pack were Elvis and a Hare Krishna…?)

Couple of ganstas from the “Downtown” pack.

Some Working class stiffs…

Horror Hospital

“Send more cops”

Finally, the aforementioned, unfinished chicken mascot zombie from Victory Force Miniatures. Part of his skull is peeled away at the back of his head and I painted all sorts of blood and gore all splattered down teh back... perhaps I'll post another pick - when it's actually FINISHED - tomorrow showing off all that nastiness... 

I really like these Cold War Minis zombies. They’re a lot of fun. As with the military zombies, I could keep some of these (like the cops, etc.) off the table and use to replace appropriate survivors that get “turned” during the game…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably a containment team and some more zombies… though I do have some Modern and Cold War British on the workbench… along with a pile of other stuff…

I should clean it off and play some games… 


  1. Yes, more chicken mascot zombie, please and thanks.

  2. I second the motion. Definitely more chicken suit zombies.

  3. The world always needs more zombies, especially chicken mascot ones.

    Nicely done:)