Monday, October 7, 2013

More of Those Jungle Fighters

I’ve been pushing to try and finish up things. I have a LOT of things to finish up… but I’ve been trying to find things I have that are currently of interest enough for me to stick to it and small enough that I can feasibly finish up before running out of steam…. This week it’s been my GW40K Catachan Jungle Fighters….

All of the figures presented below (except where otherwise noted) are from Games Workshop (© and ™ Games Workshop and painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The lot of what I’ve been working on over the last week or so…

These two are some older “Rogue Trader Era” 40K figures. I think they might have been pirates rather than Guard, but I figured I could pass them off as Catachan Guardsmen.

Two more “Rogue Trader Era” 40K figures. These, I’m pretty sure, were sold as Guardsmen, but weren’t carrying any equipment that looked anything like what other Guardsmen of the era were carrying… I’ve added back packs to them (that I got in an ebay auction) and will call them a medic and… I don’t know… some other kind of specialist…?

The Guard with the rocket launcher is a GW figure and the “loader” is from Hasslefree Miniatures. I’d picked him  up a while back when making a Hasslefree order… just… because… but then couldn’t really think of anything to use him for… I suppose I could have painted him in bright colours and called him a superhero or something… But then decided to paint him in the jungle camo and make him a crewman for one of my heavy weapon teams.

Some regular old Catachan Guardsmen....

Two demolition specialists from GW.

A Heavy Bolter team for some heavy support.

Here’s the entire Jungle fighter force so far. I actually only have three or four figures to finish up – two regular guys and two Ogryn (oh, and a couple of sentinels!). As I mentioned before I started picked up these “Catachans” a few years back to use in a Savage Worlds Sci-fi Campaign –to be members of a rival Mercenary unit the Players were often coming up against called “Morgan’s Marauders”.  In the immediate future they may actually be used as Catachans as I’m planning on running an Only War campaign for the kids some time. (Well… a campaign using the Only War/40K setting but using Savage Worlds for character creation and Tomorrow’s War for combat resolution… because that’s the kind of maniac I am…

I'll never say "never" but it's unlikely I'd ever use these for an actual game of 40K... I mean, I don't think I actually even have enough stuff here to field a legit 40K Imperial Guard force. I picked up a used copy of (what I think is) the current codex for giggles - to see how a guard unit is theoretically supposed to be organized.  While this could be padded out to almost 1000 points (once I get the Ogryn and sentinels finished) and if I took a bunch of "Regimental Advisors" and stuff... I actually only have one of the two "troops" requirements - I'd need a whole second platoon (or at least another platoon command - and split the four squads I have into two smaller platoons...?).

I also happened to finish up a few more 40K Imperial things that weren’t Catachans…

A Cadian officer and Medic from The Officer is a newer one, the Medic is an older “Rogue Trader era” figure.

As second Tech priest from Games Workshop (© and ™ Games Workshop and painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission). Actually I bought this one first… at my friendly local game store… for the full retail price…. And when I got him home and went to assemble him I realized he was missing his backpack!? Well… as you can see he’s fully useable without it, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to pay what I paid for this single figure and NOT have all the pieces so I phoned up Games Workshop and without question they very quickly sent me out a replacement… except instead of just sending the backpack, they sent me a whole darn new figure!? So I painted up this original Say what you will about GW – that was some pretty darn good customer service.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have no idea… I’m feeling a bit scattered… maybe it’s time to do some planning and scheduling to keep me focused on… SOMEHTHING!?


  1. Hmmmmm... I can't seem to update my figure totals?! That should be 755 28mm foot painted so far this year and 655 28mm foot Acquired - still ahead of the game! sort of....

    1. Haha, considering your comment from the beginning of the year that´s certainly a massive defeat :-D

    2. Hey - at least I'm painting more than I'm buying! It's a step in the right direction!

  2. It's Captain Hammer! (The random hasslefree miniatures guy that is)

    That's a lot of figures to finish in a week.

    1. captain Hammer? Is that what he's called?! I couldn't remember - I just know I thought he was fun-looking!

      Oh I've been working on them for a few weeks... I do often paint 15 - 25 figures in a week, but things have slowed down around here for a variety of reasons...

  3. The older dudes could be Rogue Trooper figures?

    1. Could be! I think GW did publish a Rogue Trooper board game back in the day!

  4. Those look really nice. I have a box of them I bought just in case I get to play a sci-fi game, 80s action movie game, or post-apoc game again. I'm bookmarking this as inspiration for the paint jobs. Thanks!

  5. That's an impressing force! Like the camo a lot.

  6. Very cool! I suspect some of those guys could sneak in on a Vietnam game too :)! Best, Dean