Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two New Blogs!

No, not mine...

Within an hour of each other, two of my friends sent me links to new blogs they've started yesterday!?

First is Gary's (a local gaming pal):

Note that "Tim M." mentioned in his post is not me. This is the person often referred to, on my blog, as "Other Tim". I would be "Tim B." Hopefully one of these days I'll get over to Gary's for a game and show up in one of his game reports (though I have to admit I'm sick to death of WW2 at the moment and as WW2 is Gary's true passion - wargaming wise - it may be a while).

The other is my globe-trotting friend Will - who currently resides in Victoria, BC, Canada:

Though the first post is Napoleonic, Will's done a lot of cool Colonial and Great War gaming. Hopefully he'll be showing off some of those collections at some point!


  1. Thanks, Tim, for the advertisement! Your blog is an inspiration for me. And I look forward to games from different eras at your "War Room." :-)