Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vietnam Aussies and Americans

As I mentioned in the previous post I recently tracked down a copy of The Odd Angry Shot - one of my all-time favourite war movies. Watching it again after… oh… 20 years… has inspired me to finish up some of my Vietnam Aussies (and other stuff). I have about a platoon of Australians plus an SAS patrol.

I also happened to finish up a few extra Americans I acquired recently - like, within the last year or so – I had, at one point, more or less finished up all my Vietnam figures… but then picked up a few more from another fellow blogger off the AAG Forum… I think it was Xander…?

I had done a post a few years pack showcasing the collection - Vietnam in 28mm - since then I have finished the PAVN and a few of the other things that were still unpainted at the time (and rebased some of the heavy weapon teams). One of these days I should update the 28mm Vietnam Gallery Page. I don’t have a whole lot to finish up to call this collection complete – so maybe I should push to get this all finished up before I lose impetus.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A platoon command section for the Australians. The Platoon Commander (a Lieutenant) is carrying the Owen Carbine, The Platoon Sergeant and Runner carry SLRs, and signaler doesn’t seem to have anything…? Darn it, I just remembered I’d ordered a pack of spare SLRs at one point I could have one lying beside him on the ground – perhaps I’ll have to go find them and add one now… (Figures are from  The Assault Group).

Three more Australian SAS patrolmen – also from from  The Assault Group.

A few American LRRP types Again the figures are all from  The Assault Group.

Finally, some Americans with M-79 Grenade Launchers from, I think, Baker Company (these are figures I got off the forum…). I really like the poses of the figures, I have a few more to paint up. If I didn’t already have a whole damn platoon of Americans, I’d be tempted to pick a few more up… maybe I’ll pick up some “characters” at some point…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Perhaps some more Vietnam stuff… and maybe a bit of planning for the winter and next year…


  1. Lovely work Tim. I really like that radio operator.

  2. Nice job, liked very much of those LRRP troopers!

  3. Great painting, as we came to expect from you.

  4. Nice, I particularly like the LRRPs.

  5. Amazing work as always, Tim. The details on the grenades and camo work are wonderful - same as the 1st Air Cav patches. Best, Dean