Sunday, January 15, 2017

This Week's Games

I just noticed the BGG widget on my blog doesn't seem to be working anymore - rather than showing the lasted games played it's currently showing a smattering of games played over the last few weeks...? Weird.

Anyway... I finally got the kids to start some lists of games they want to play this year. So far Finnegan has 25 on his list (which means he'll probably add a few or play a few on the list multiple times). The girl has 37, but a lot of them are shorter games that I didn't even consider. Amanda agreed to pick out at least one game a month for us to play -it's not that she isn't interested in playing games, she'll play just about anything and is happy just to play whatever we set up and doesn't want to have to put too much thought into the games... I post my list of 50 games a week or so ago in my Game Plan 2017 post

Last Sunday we tried out Five Tribes. Finnegan got the game for his birthday last week. actually we've all played the game before. Finnegan and i played it as ToonCon 2015 and everyone played at the last ToonCon. We'd singed up for it in 2015 because we'd seen it on Tabletop. We came home from ToonCon 2015 and told Amanda it was a great game and maybe we should get it. Of course we bought a LOT of games in 2015 and Amanda wasn't going for it. After she actually played it last September it suddenly went on the "Games to Get" list...

SO many different ways to score points in this game - it's a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to even start. I thought I was doing well, but I think Amanda won in the end with a HUGE amount of points from having a near complete set of market goods and the second most number of viziers and a couple of really high point tiles (15?).

Finnegan and I came down with colds on Sunday and were sick all week - still sick actually. Keira and Amanda finally picked up the colds later in the week. You'd think being sick and not going anywhere we'd have played more games... but we didn't... we did get a bit of reading and movie watching done!

Wednesday we started in on our Game Lists - One of the Girl's choices was For Sale. It's a quick game so we played it twice.

On Friday we played Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game - Finnegan's pick for the week. There isn't a lot of thought or strategy to the game, but I actually don't mind it. It's a fun time-filler and usually presents enough of a challenge that there's enough tension to make it interesting. 

In the evening while I was making pizza we played Dominion: Intrigue. SOMEONE was taking forever doing their turns and so the pizza was finished before we finished the game and because the pizza was... er... a bit late, Finnegan ended up having some pretty low blood-sugar and had to just start eating.... and Amanda started eating... and despite them having a napkin to wipe their hands on after each munch I couldn't help getting a little upset imagining my BRAND NEW Dominion cards being slathered with pizza grease!?

Intrigue was fun. I've played with others copies of Intrigue (at the last two ToonCons) but ended up uaing a lot of new cards we hadn't used before and so it was a lot of fun figuring out how they worked.

This wasn't anyone's "pick" for the week - as I'd originally hoped, we played MORE than just each person's pick in a week and thus get to play lots of "filler" games like this each week -which is why I didn't even put any of our gaming staples on the list - Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders, etc...

(This Friday should have been our biweekly D&D game, but with us all sick we told the crew not to come over!)

On Saturday - for the third Saturday in a row - we played Firefly: The Game. This was my pick for the week. Originally Finnegan and I were going to play it with our friend Brent while Amanda and The Girl were out at dance classes all day (as we usually do). But being all sick and stuff we called it off so as not to get Brent sick. Then Amanda and The Girl played hooky from Saturday dance classes (being sick and all) so we decided to go ahead and play with the four of us together - gurgling and coughing and blowing snot out of our heads. 

This time we played the "'Respectable' Persons of Business" scenario - which was more or less, the first person to 12000 credits with no active or jobs in hand would win. (Actually it's once you get to 12000 credits you can take a goal token and once you have a goal token, on your turn, as an action, you may declare "last call" - after which everyone gets one last turn and then you count up your money and minus the cash value of any jobs you have in hand and who ever has the mostest wins). Amanda won. Finnegan had over 14000 credits, but had 7000 in jobs in his hand, so The Girl came in second with about 10000. 

I was, once again, dead freaking last - with only about 4000 credits... but I had a great ship and crew with a lot of toys... If we'd played a few more hours, I would have crushed it... or not...

This afternoon we'd planned to play Olympus (Amanda's pick of the month) and kick off Skirmish Sunday Night (it was decided that on Saturdays we'd go climbing at Grip It - because it's open on Saturday evenings and those are really the only evenings we had free as a family - so climbing Saturday, skirmish/role-playing games on Sunday...). But Amanda looks like she wants to sleep all afternoon - hopefully we'll all play Olympus this evening and maybe kick off Skirmish Sundays NEXT week... That's okay, because i didn't really have anything concrete planned yet... I'm kind of torn between a few options.

If all goes according to plan we'll play Big Book of Madness on Wednesday (The Girl's pick for the week) and Rave for the Galaxy on Friday (Finnegan's pick for the week).

Saturday I am at my friend John's all day playing at Freezerburn - his annual invitational game day. I went to the first Freezerburn back in 2011, before I was really into playing board games. I was supposed to go and play in 2015, but the ended up spending five days in hospital with crazy high blood pressure. Last year John forgot to send me an invite and it filled up before I got around to asking him when he was going to send out invites... so... HOpefully I'll have seen the back end of this cold by Saturday and be in on the action this year!!

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Some pictures of the latest "micro-distractions".

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