Monday, January 23, 2017

Countdown to Vimy – 11 Weeks!

I had hoped to post this little update last night, but Game of Thrones Season Six arrived at the local library for me and so Amanda and I watched the first four… or five… maybe six...? episodes last night…. and it was just to late to sit up and crank this out..

The Plan for this past week was to:

#1 Paint the last battalion of  1st Corps figures to finish off the 4th Brigade.

CHECK! Here they are having just gotten their grass last night. I haven’t had a chance to get out and take pictures of the battalion and properly post them, but they’re done, and I should be posting them later today or tomorrow.

#2 Order the last brigade of miniatures I’m going to use as Canadians.

CHECK! Ordered and I was informed this morning by email that they shall be shiping via courier, shortly.

#3 Start casting Germans 

CHECK! Got out and cast up a bunch Friday evening.

#3 Base and prep 3 battalions of Germans

CHECK! Well… almost… I got one battalion prepped and glued to bases Friday and realized I didn’t have enough washers. So Sunday afternoon I nipped out to get some more and while “watching” Game of Thrones last night I prepped and based the other two battalions and primed the first.

Today I hope to prime the rest and maybe get the bases gooped. And be able to get cracking on painting by Tuesday or Wednesday…

#4 FIND MY MAPS (the PLANS for the terrain!)!!!

CHECK! Maps located… whether I’ll be able to figure out WHICH ones I used for the original four terrain squares and exactly how I was originally planning.

#5 Clear off the giant Hobby table in the basement – so I have some SPACE to make some terrain!

Ummmmm… Well, if you’re anything like Amanda you’ll probably be going “WTF Tim!? It’s STILL a MESS!?” So I’ll just go ahead and point out that a) I HAVE made a fair bit of headway here - it WAS a LOT messier (if that can be believed) last week, and b) I did a lot of organizeing ELSEWHERE in the room and throughout the basement so I’ll have a place to PUT all of this stuff still on the table…

I might have gotten a bit more done this week if I hadn’t been at FreezerBurn VII all day Saturday… Not blaming, just saying. No FreezerBurn this week, so hopefully I should get a bit more done. Also I get a lot of painting done while "watching" movies/TV - so with the arrival Game of Thrones Season Six - that's a minimum of ten hours of prepping, basing, gooping and painting right there... 

This Week:

#1 Paint a regiment (three battalions) of Germans

#2 Base and prep three more battalions to paint the following week.

#2 Finalize plans for terrain.


Plans for February remain the same as planned last week…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

21st Battalion (Eastern Ontario), CEF  (and some other stuff I did last week…) 


  1. Worktable does not look so bad to me. Say, I didn't know you cast your own figures. Cool! What figures are you using for the German homecasts?

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      They are figures I modelled and made moulds for myself. I made Canadians as well. When I originally started the project I had more time than money and planned to cast ALL of the figures for the entire project. They're not very pretty, but when viewed en masse... No one knows the difference!

  2. Table looks pretty good to me, it seems mostly packed and ready to move to the space you've been making! I've got to vacate my basement soon and am building a shed to replace it, then I'll be spending lots of time moving stuff! Good luck.
    Best Iain

    1. Oh, there is still a bit of clutter there... but it's much less than it was last week. (I should have done a "BEFORE" picture...). What I really need to do is a PURGE and get rid of a lot of stuff... but that would take too much time right now - time that I just don't have if I want to get the project done. Perhaps that should be my goal for the summer - any days that are too hot I should hide in the nice cool basement and sort and purge!