Saturday, January 14, 2017

26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF

This is the 26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF. As with the other battalions in the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade the miniatures are from Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF

The formation patch for the 25th Battalion was a red square surmounting a blue patch – the blue patch was for the 2nd Division, the square indicated the junior battalion within the brigade and the red indicated the second brigade within the division.

This finishes up the entire 5th Brigade, so I thought I’d take a picture of the lot of them.

5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

The other battalions in the brigade are the 22e  Battalion (Canadien Fran├žais)24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles), CEF , and the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles), CEF.

This is the ninth Brigade I have completed for the project. I am on battalion away from finished the tenth, I have two more to do. 

I also have a bunch of Casualty/Morale Failure tokens from Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design. They’ve also been painted with insigina of the various battalions within the 5th Brigade, but will probably see use with any of the 2nd Canadian Division battalions as I don’t have any other casualties from the manufacturers of the other brigades (well, I do have two stretcher-bearer parties from 1st Corps for the 4th Brigade…)

Still a bit under the weather, but chugging along...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Ummmmm… maybe a general update on the status of the vimy project… or a post about other gaming going on… or… maybe some minor distractions… (AGAIN!) 


  1. Excellent job, splendid casualties!

  2. Tim, your Vimy project must be massive by now. A general update would me but the whole project into focus. As Phil says, nice casualties.