Friday, December 14, 2018

Oops! I Did It Again!

So I kind of did this thing again...

Um... yeah...

So the Eritque Arcus Maniple now has a Reaver Titan - or it will, when it ever gets here!

This means I'll be able to field a full Super Heavy Detachment with an Adeptus Titanicus faction keyword... of course that detachment is going to be 270 Power Level - or 8000 points - about the size of FOUR tournament armies combined!?

Go Big or Go Home, right?

Now what colour and pattern to paint it with...? I was thinking a bright turquoise blue. But what pattern? I don't want to do Cheetah spots - If I was going to do cheetah spots, I should have done it on  one of the smaller Warhound Titans. Jaguar? How different is that from a Leopard? I was thinking "lion" at one point, but then there'd really be no patterning - unless I did something to make it look like it had a mane?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

Probably NOT the REaver Titan.. It'll probably be a week or two before it shows up.

I should get those Mice and Mystics minis done...

(hate that "S" word...)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tigris Viridi - Warhound Scout Titan

A second, old Armorcast Warhound Titan arrived in the mail for me a week and a half ago. It's really all I've been working on since. By this past weekend I thought I'd settled on colours and had most of the green and purple painted...

Then I decided the green was too dark after all...

Not nearly enough contrast -and looked positively dull next to Pardus Purpura...

And so I started again with MORE test bits and settled on a lighter colour

And started all over again... mostly...

I have to say I'm much happier with the lighter colour now.

So this is Tigris Viridi. Commanded by Princeps Mozzer. The crew is rounded out by two Moderati; Moderati Joyce (Steersman) and Moderati Marr (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests Ro-Urk350 and Pom-Fret681.

Tigris Viridi joins it's partner, Pardus Purpura in the Eritque Arcus Maniple of Legio Amare Feles.

Pardus Purpura is commanded by Princeps Smythe. The crew is rounded out by two Moderati; Moderati Cooper (Steersman) and Moderati Gallup (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests 0-Donnel and 6-Abrels.

Some pretty pictures for scale.

Working in tandem with Pardus Purpura and some armour from Tallarn.

Some infantry added in for scale.

Yeah... I'm not sure any sane infantry or tankers would want to operate THIS CLOSE to a Titan - even a smaller, nimbler one like a Warhound. I mean, beyond the possibility of getting trod upon by it, anything that's actually shooting at it is going to be laying down a world of hurt to anything that happens to be in the immediate vicinity!

Tiger Stripe pattern from above.


Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Wish I could say we'd get to see these in action, but I really have NO IDEA when I'll ever get them on the table. I mean, it's 150 Power Level between them. Last year's Chapter Approved increased the point cost to 2000 EACH!?

If not before then, in a little less than two weeks all our regular activities will be wrapped up and we'll have a week and a bit of nothing much to do - and I REALLY hope we get a LOT of gaming in then! Maybe I should get some painting done for some of the games we'd like to play! (Mice & Mystics and Rogue Trader!)

Monday, December 3, 2018

So This Kind of Happened...

Because I'm a special kind of stupid...

At 75 Power Level each, this could be my entire force for the upcoming Apocalypse event in the new year...

The original one I have settled on calling Pardus Purpura... This one will be Tigris Viridi! They are part of the Eritque Arcus Maniple of the Legio Amare Feles...

Warhound titans hunt in packs, right...?

I SWEAR I'm not doing the entire maniple!!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Maybe another painted Warhound Titan!!

Some new guys are coming over tonight to try out Wrath & Glory... maybe there'll be post about that...?

Other hobby business has been slow. I just can't seem to shake this stomach bug...

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Whoops! It's December!? (November Games)

Gaming kind of fell by the wayside this month. There were a number of reasons for this. A stomach bug made its rounds through the family. Also Amanda ended up teaching SIX yoga classes a week through November (you know, on TOP of her regular day job!?). Plus all the other stuff we've been busy with all fall - Finnegan with the new school program, The Girl with Dance and stuff, etc.

Actually, other than the couple games of Kill Team we got in (Guaiacan Commandoes Arrive on Xoxigar and Fearless Foraging), there were only two other games played this month, both on the same night...

One was a game of Samarkand... (Amanda won with 57 points, Taotao was second with 54, Finnegan and I tied for last with 48)

The other was a quick game of Splendor. (Amanda won this as well, I was close behind with 10, Finnegan had 8, I think Taotao only had one... but it was his first game and he wasn't quite picking it up as quick as other games we've played with him - he usually picks up games startlingly quickly and often does very well - or wins his first game! I'm sure next time we play with him, he'll crush us!)

Yeah... that's it...

Hopefully we'll get some more gaming in over the holidaze!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Slow Week

I haven't been doing much hobby stuff. I feel like I'm still getting over that bug that laid me low over last weekend... Just been so tired and dragging my ass...

I did get out for a bit ride today...

It's been a big foggy this week and it's turned the city in a magical winter wonderland! 

You can see more pictures of the ride over on my bike blog:

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

Last week Finnegan was sick. Earlier this week it was The Girl. Now I've been sick since Friday.... So production has slowed somewhat... I did managed to finish off this 40K Inquisitor - He's been lurking about my painting desk for the last year (I think I picked him up on Boxing Day...?). With the Grey Knights finished (or, at least, the first batch of them!), I figured they would need an Inquisitor to lead them into battle against the Daemons of the Warp! Originally I'd started to paint this fellows armour in black, but decided to change that up after I finished the Grey Knights so he'd sort of match... a bit... At one point I thought I might be able to pass him off as a Grey Knight champion, but then realized the combined-bolter is not something the Grey Knights use... Ah, well... they need an Inquisitor anyway...

Inquisitor from Games Workshop.

I really should have come up with a name for this fellow....

Here he is consulting with another Inquisitor (the other one I own - that's painted!)

And here he is with the Grey Knights he may one day lead into battle!

Coming soon to Tims Miniature Wargaming Blog:

We didn't get in any Kill Team this weekend - I was too sick and everyone else just wanted to finish binge-watching Agents of SHIELD Season Four before we had to return it to the library - 22 episodes in ONE WEEK - that's a lot to ask of anyone... Maybe next weekend...

I have some Miniatorum priests that seem to have moved to the front of the workbench which I may try to finish off... as well as the remaining crew of the New Dawn - Eulcia Vhale's Vessel...

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Grey Knights Kill Team

I know what you're thinking... "WTF, Tim!? ANOTHER Kill Team!? GREY KNIGHTS!? Where did these even come from!?"

Well, funny story about that...

A couple weekends ago there was a Bitz Swap organized by the local league at our FLGS and I went out to it... It was a little overwhelming. One dude had a 50L tub of random bitz people were sorting through. Others had stuff organized into baggies with prices on them, but there was just too much to look through. I did have a look at a few things and bought a couple bags of random imperial bitz, a huge bag full of Orky bitz (mostly arms, heads and shootas), a Marine with a heavy bolter... and then I found this bag full of what looked like older metal marines. There was eight or ten of them in there and the price on the bag was $5. I asked the fellow if it was $5  each of for the whole bag. He said for the whole bag - no one wants that metal 'junk' anymore... Well I wasn't going to pass up a bag o' ten metal marines - whatever they were - could have been chaos, for all I knew (which actually would have been really cool too).

When I got home and had a better look at things, it turned out it was a whole bag of Grey Knights!? Nine of them! Two had the arm bolters and power halberd-thingies and the rest had flamer-like-things! Boom! Instant Kill Team.

Upon reading up on them, I realized I could only use two of the Incinerators. But, with two of those and the two other regular guys (if anything about Grey Knights can be described as "regular") I had 80 points! If I could find one more regular dude I'd have a five-man kill team at 98-99 points.

So I had a look at Ebay to see if I could find another Grey Knight of this vintage for a not-too-unreasonable price and, not only did I find a metal Grey Knight, I found a metal Grey Knight Justicar! So now I have a leader on the way from The Troll Trader and once he's done I'll have a complete Great Knight Kill Team at 99 points...

Grey Knight Kill Team

Now... GW gives their Marines classic fancy-schmancy names - inspired by Greek or Roman names.. like Gideon or Marius or Erasmus or Valdar... I got it in my head to go with... more common names...

Brother Blake with Storm Bolter and Namesis Force Halberd

Brother Trevor with Incinerator

Brother Curtis with Storm Bolter and Namesis Force Halberd

Brother Scott with Incinerator

I was trying to think of names for these and got thinking about the name Gideon (as one of the terminators from Space Hulk is names Sergeant Gideon) and that got me thinking of Gideon Graves - one of the characters from Scott Pilgrim... so the first one I named was Scott... I could have names them all after Characters from Scott Pilgrim, but then  Neville Longbottoms toad Trevor popped into my head... I can't remember what lead me to think of the other names...

I think the Justicar will be named Jeff.

I still have FIVE more of these old metal Grey Knights with Incinerators... I have no use for them as I can only use two in a Kill Team... having more than one Kill Team of Grey Knights would be silly... and I'm NOT going to ever expand this force into a full 40K detachment... So if anyone needs one (or two?) I'd be happy to trade them for... some other older metal 40K minis?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Not sure... I have some epic titans on workbench, of all things, but I'm losing steam on those (as I'm probably not going to be playing with them any time soon). Maybe I'll get on with some Rogue Trader minis...? Mice & Mystics...? maybe the Justicar will show up and I'll get that finished off!

Friday, November 16, 2018


...or some sort of generic 40K Imperial Guard...

I finished off the last of the old-school metal radians I have this week. Well... ALMOST all of them... there is still a standard bearer who is going to need some extra work and an artillery officer... But in terms of the sharp-end infantry grunts... well, THEY are all finished!!

The new (and yet, not-so-new) guys.

These are all older metal Cadians from Games Workshop. I picked them up off eBay not so long ago - along with a few of the others I've already painted. A couple I picked up from my friend Paul when he was offloading them a few years ago. Some of the others, however, are some of the oldest GW figures I own - the "Rogue Trader Era" ones. I striped and repainted them in the last few years to use as "veterans".

The Entire Force!

(I'm not going to say "so far" because I really have no desire to add any more to this. I already have THREE OTHER Imperial guard forces - Tallarn, Guaiacan/Catachan, and Valhallan - I really don't need a fourth! Of course, I probably didn't really "need" a second or third...)

Unfortunately I seem to have acquired enough for three squads, two regular infantry squads, one veteran squad... and THREE COMMAND SQUADS!?  This seems like it's a nucleus for an entire company - with a company command and two platoon commands! The intention here was not to use these as a force for 40K, but rather as a force for Kill Team (or other smaller scale SF skirmish games?) or with Wrath & Glory (if it ever comes out!?)

The force is actually not a bad size for Kill Team - loads of infantry with a few options for special weapons... The only thing I might add (if I were to use them for Kill Team is a couple snipers)

Here are the individual squads...

Command Squad #1 - The Company Commander (and a casualty and a commissar and... an extra dude...?)

Command Squad #2 - Platoon Commander

Command Squad #3 - Another Platoon Commander

Veteran Squad (half of these I've had for over 25 years! though they were repainted more recently)

Infantry Squad #1

Infantry Squad #2

Assorted vehicle crew - despite the fact that I have no vehicles for this force and have no intention of acquiring any... perhaps these need to be repurposed as Tallarn crew...

Coming soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

Well it is Friday and we've been trying to play Kill Team on Fridays... Finnegan seems in a better spirits today - Maybe we'll get some games in this evening and I'll be able to post reports of those actions over the weekend....?

I do have the standard Bearer and Artillery Officer on the workbench with an assortment of other 40K characters - mostly Imperial-types. Terrain bits are lurking nearby...

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fearless Foraging


Sergeant Hammer was released after only a few cycles in the medicae facility at the expansive
Haldivar Starport. He had required some serious bone refabrication and muscle stitching and rebuilding, but didn't require any organ regrowth. "Peachy" McGough and Loiselle were kept in quarantine and not allowed to return with him - as they had potentially been exposed to some unknown xenos parasites. 

It was Hammer's intention to muster the section and anyone else he could and much back out into the jungle to hunt down the vile Xenos that had killed "Doc" Sanders and grievously wounded himself and others. In a debriefing at the Squadron HQ he had leaned the creatures they encountered were the hated "Tyranids". It was imperative to gather as much intelligence as possible about the numbers and dispositions of the terrible xenos threat - to determine the extent of the infestation and where best to direct orbital bombardment. 

However, upon return to the Troop's Forward Operation Base, he found a situation with a more dire need of resolution! The rations had not been making it through from Haldivar Starport. Apparently parts of it had been overrun by Ork Raiders. So instead of hunting the vile xenos Hammer was tasked with taking his team out to forage for anything edible in the wretched, dangerous jungle that surrounded them....

On Monday evening Amanda was feeling a bit tired so we played hooky from our ballroom dance class and played a little Kill Team instead...


We played the Fearless Foraging scenario from the Death World Kill Zone Box. Essentially there were five objective markers. At the end of each turn the side controlling each rolled on a table... you either got bitten by something (One mortal wound) or found nothing or found something useful (+1 Command point or +1-3 Victory Points)


2 Section, 3 Troop, A Squadron, #2 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment
Sergeant Hammer - Guard Sergeant - Bolt Pistol & Chainsword - Leader - Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points
Corporal Hunt - Guard - Lasgun - Scout - Level 1 - 2xp - 5 points
Corporal O'Rielly - Guard - Lasgun & Voxcaster - Comms - Level 1 - 0xp - 10 points
Private Quincy - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points
Private Morse - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points
Private Dane - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points
Private Taylor - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points
Private Sack - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 0xp - 5 points
Private Pierce - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 0xp - 5 points
Private Hawkins - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 0xp - 5 points
Private Johnson - Guard Gunner - Plasma gun  -  Level 1 - 0xp - 8 points
Corporal Jules  - Special Weapon Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 0xp - 5 points
Private Johnson - Special Weapon Gunner - Flamer  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 8 points
Private Broad - Special Weapon Gunner - Sniper Rifle - Sniper  -  Level 1 - 2xp - 6 points
Private Farnsworth  - Special Weapon Gunner - Meltagun  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 8 points

Total 90 points.
Intelligence 8
Materiel 8
Morale 8
Territory 7

On roster but not on mission
Private McGough - Guard - Lasgun  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points
Private Loiselle - Guard Gunner - Grenade Launcher  -  Level 1 - 1xp - 5 points

The Crimson Wave
Vulvatrix of the Crimson Wave - Wych Cult Hekatrix - Leader - Blast Pistol and Agonizer - 13 points
Thrixxesh Xoshi - Kabalite Gunner - Sniper Specialist -  Dark Lance - 12 points
Khatryx Veluxis - Wych Fighter - Zealot Specialist - Razorflails - 11 points
Kladys Vaganix - Wych Fighter - Combat Specialist - Hydra Gauntlets - 11 points
Peiythia Labiyx - Wych Fighter - Shardnet and Impaler - 11 points
Asphyxa Noiyr- Wych - Splinter Pistol and Hekatari Blade - 8 points
Adalyx Bloodslyk - Wych - Splinter Pistol and Hekatari Blade - 8 points
Klitlyx Slythk - Wych - Splinter Pistol and Hekatari Blade - 8 points
Saphisykh Vhrex - Kabalite Warrior - Splinter Rifle - 7 points
Draeven Starr - Kabalite Warrior - Splinter Rifle - 7 points

96 points
Intelligence 8
Materiel 8
Morale 8
Territory 8


The Kill Zone Special Rule we rolled for in this game was "Aggressive Fauna" - same as I had for my game against Bruce.

Deployment was in a triangle shape centred on the long edges with objective markers in the centre and four others halfway between centre and the corners.

Drukhari set up...


The team was beginning to get used to moving in the jungle - knew what flora and fauna to look out for - ones that could be eaten, others to be avoided at all costs! 

It was a bit of a shock yet ANOTHER Xenos race prowling around in their Area of Operations! 

When Cpl. Hunt, the team's scout, first spotted them he thought they might be another patrol, but there were no others in the A.O. He thought for a moment it might be locals - or perhaps the Archenemy - which was said to have corrupted the insurgents... but then he saw them move - Lithe and darting and inhumanly fast... He knew it must be another Xenos race entirely - perhaps the dreaded Aeldari! 

Hammer quietly whispered his orders to the others: "Broad, you and O'Rielly stay here, cover us and  and snipe at targets of opportunity. Quincy and Morse, you secure that bush with the big purple fruits, try to grab a few if you can in case we have to bug out. Taylor and Farnsworth, you're with me, we're heading left, The rest of you are with Corporal Jules. Dane and Pierce, look for more edibles, while the rest of you cover them and keep those wretched xenos filth at bay!" 

Private Broad set up and sniped at the Kabalite gunner with the Dark Lance... and missed... it was his first and only chance. The Kabalite gunner spotted the enemy sniper and took him down! 

Cpl. Jules flanked right with Dane, Pierce, and all the others. There was movement to their front so they lit up the jungle with Flame, plasma and lasgun fire. The Xenos were fast moving and hard to get a fix on in the dense jungle. Hawkins was sure he hit one of them, and saw her go down... 

(It was Vulvatrix, Hakatrix of the Crimson Wave, their leader....)

Cpl Hunt Scouted forward up the centre and found a hive full of buzzing insects, that oozed a sweet smelling viscous fluid, he made note of it, but then had to turn his attention elsewhere... 

Out of nowhere flashed a gaunt, lithe xenos that slashed at him with strange, glistening, many-bladed weapons. One raked him hard across the back of his neck and arms, cutting deeply - But hunt fought on! 

(At the end of Round One we each held two objective markers, both sides received +3 VP for their foraging! Tasty nuts and berries! Seems like an odd thing to be doing in the MIDDLE of a skirmish!?)


Suddenly there was more upon them! One attacked Taylor and Farnsworth and another with vicious gauntlets joined the attack on Cpl. Hunt - Luckily Sergeant Hammer had come to his aid! The one with the slashing weapons continued her relentless assault on Hunt and took him out of action. Hammer tried to strike at them with his chainsword, but the were just too quick! 

Farnsworth was stabbed in the thigh with a cruelly barbed bayonet-like instrument on the end of his attackers rife. 

Elsewhere Hawkins and Johnson skirmished forwards to see if Hawkins really did take down one of the enigmatic Aeldari.... They found no trace of the aeldari Hawkins swore he shot... but they did find a number of small animals that someone had trapped and killed, but dropped in a hurry. 

Another of the Xenos charged Pte. Sack - who had been following along behind Hawkins and Johnson. They parried each others blows in a brief but desperate melee. 

Leaving Pte Broad, who was busy binding the massive hole in he's side from the Dark Lance, Cpl. O'Rielly moved forward to try and help spot for one of the others. He bounded up to Pte. Dyck's position and helped him spot the Kabalite sniper lurking in the trees. A blast of super-heated particles from Dyck's plasma gun but that terrible menace out of action! 

(at the end of Round Two I rolled 2 for all three of the objectives I controlled "nothing; keep looking!" while Amanda gained another 3 Victory Points from the SINGLE objective she held!? WTF!? there must have been some juicy, juicy mangoes over in that corner of the table! Half of Amanda's team were either taken out or had flesh wounds... but she didn't fail the break test!)


Johnson roared "SACK! GET OUT OF THERE!" Sack ducked the Eldar Warriors swing and took off  into the jungle, before the Kabalite could react, Johnson lit him up with fire! 

The Sergeant likewise fell back from his assailants - which was a bit more tricky (Wyches... have to actually beat them both in a roll-off to fall back from them - but he DID!!). With the Sergeant out of the way, Dyck took one of them down with his Plasma gun! 

The Sergeant crouched in the bushes a moment, the ferocity and violence of the Xenos attack had left him reeling and he nearly passed out from the searing pain in his belly where the one with the barbed gauntlets had slashed him. (Sarge failed a nerve test!)

(Foraging - Hawkins was bitten - mortal wound! - but only turned out to be a flesh wound, The other locations gained us +4 VP, unfortunately the Drukhari were still in control of two and they ALSO gained +4 VP!


While crouching in the Jungle gathering himself to strike back out again at the enemy, the Sarge took a shot in his back from a splinter pistol! 

Taylor and Farnsworth were still in a desperate melee with the Kabalite warrior that had attacked them. 

The Plasma gunner took down a third Drukari Wych!

For foraging this round, the three objective I held netted me 3 victory points and 1 command point. the single objective the Drukhari held gave them another +3VP!?  We would be rolling for game end... but BEFORE that Amanda had to decide if she was going to make a Strategic Withdrawal. At this point they had only three left on the table, one of whom was shaken... but they were ahead with the victory points 13-10, I think...? She decided discretion was the better part of valour and decided to withdraw before her ENTIRE team was wiped out... I think she was getting a bit tired too (or MORE tired, as she'd started out a bit tired).

Hammer, Hawkins, Hunt, and Jules all survived their wounds and would be stitched up and ready for action again before the team was sent out again. Pte. Broads wound from the Dark Lance would require some special medical attention - growing back part of his liver and stomach! He would be convalescing for some time. I managed to use ALL of the Specialists tactic cards before they were taken out of action so all gained +2XP which brought all but the new comms specialist two second level. The Sergeant took the "Bold" ability, Cpl. Hunt took "Pathfinder" and Pte. Broad took "Sharpshooter" Both the Regular Guard and Special Weapons Fire Teams made it to second level as well. The Guard Fire Team gained the "Skilled" ability (re-roll 1s when shooting) and the Special Weapons Fire Team gained "Die Hard" (-1 to injury rolls for them).

Seven of the Drukhari had been taken out of action - all but one would heal up in time for the next action. Asphisyk was taken back through the web way and would be convalescing in Comoraugh for a spell before seeing action again. Her Combat Specialist and Zealot made it to Level 2 - the former took the "Warrior Adept" ability and the latter took "Flagellant".

I feel like I got off really lucky... I had some crazy lucky shots early in the game which really thinned out the Drukhari, and then numbers and volume of fire... and the luckiest plasma gunner ever carried me through. If Amanda had decided to stick it out and rolled a one or two to see if the game ended that would have been in and she would have won with all the victory points she had!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

I've mostly finished up the old-school metal Cadians I've been painting this week. I should get some pictures up on the blog tomorrow... I'll have about a platoon of them - good enough for Kill Team or Wrath & Glory (if it ever comes out!?).

After that...? Mice? Rats? Gellerpox Infected? Spaceship interior bits? assorted other 40K terrain bits? who knows...

Not sure if we'll be playing again tomorrow... Bruce isn't available. Amanda is out doing another Karma Class to raise money for Diabetes Canada. Finnegan woke up this morning puking and has been puking all day long! Might be another weekend in watching TV - if we can prop him up. He was saying as long as he was lying down he was mostly okay - it was when he sat up that he felt nauseous and started throwing up again. I set him up with an audiobook and he's been laying in bed all day listening to that...

Maybe The Girl and I will get in a game tomorrow, if she doesn't end up coming down with what Finnegan's got! Looking forward to that... MORE Eldar...