Friday, April 6, 2018

Another 40K Friday

It's the last day of the school break and my friend Aaron brought his boys around to play some 40K with the kids for the day. Inspired by the fast and furious games I played a few weeks ago at the Battleforce Recon Tournament I set up a day-o-gaming for the kids. The plan was to set up two tables  - on in the living room, one in the dining room and play three two hour games, more or less back-to-back, between 9am when the Boyz were dropped off and 4pm (SHARP!) when they were to be picked up!

Everyone prepared a force of 33 Power Level. Why 33 Power Level? Because that's all the Chaos player had painted!


It was all Heretics and Xenos here today...

Warboss Blitzaag - HQ- Warlord - Might Is Right - PL 4
Weirdboy Werzap Rotmaw - HQ - Smite, Warpath - PL 4
Boyz (30) - Troops - PL 13
Wazzdigg's Warbuggy - Fast Attack - PL 4
Lootas (5) - Heavy Support - PL 8
Patrol Detachment - 3 Command Points

Jain Zar - HQ - Warlord - PL 7
Guardians (10) - Troops - PL 5
Howling Banshees (5) - Elites - PL 3
Swooping Hawks (5) - Fast Attack - PL 3
Harlequin Troupe Master - HQ - PL 4
Harlequin Troupe - Troops - PL 7
2 Patrol Detachments - 3 Command Points

Overlord Nulltron - HQ - Warlord - Legendary Fighter - PL 7
Warriors (10) - PL 6
Warriors (10) - PL 6
Lychguard (5) - PL 5
Deathmarks (5) - PL 8
Patrol Detachment - 3 Command Points

Sorcerer Alzod the Ripper (in Terminator Armour) -HQ- Warlord - Legendary Fighter - Smite, Infernal Gaze, Prescience - PL 8
Cultists (5) - Troops - PL 3
Hellbrute - - PL 8
Raptors - Fast Attack - PL 7
Chaos bikers (3) - Fast Attack - PL 7
Patrol Detachment - 3 Command Points


(9AM - 11AM)


The Scenario for the first game was the Eternal War/Retrieval Mission Scenario straight out of the 40K 8th Edition Core Rulebook. Basically there are four objective markers on the table. Players gained three victory points for each marker held at the end of the game (variable turns or at the end of two hours) plus bonus victory points for First Blood, Linebreaker, and Slay the Warlord


In the first round Chaos faced off against the Eldar in the desert.

On their first turn the Chaos bikers zoomed forward toward one of the objective markers while the Sorcerer and the Cultists secured another.

When the Aeldari went, the Harlequins secured one Objective and the Guardians and the Warlock advanced to secure another.

Then Jain Zar and the Howling Banshees swept up and secured the objective the Chaos Bikers were heading towards and then assaulted the bikers. The Swooping Hawks dropped from the skies into the rear of the forces of Chaos' position.

Jain Zar was able to get into contact with the Hellbrute.

On the following turn, Jain War went toe-to-toe with the Hellbrute dealing it some hefty damage (I think the only damage Jain Zar took was from the Chaos Sorcerer's Infernal Gaze.

Chaos Sorcerer took cover in a ruined building with the Cultists - which still contesting the objective marker.

The following turn the Banshees Joined Jain War in combat with the Hallbrute, but they weren't able to do much to the hulking behemoth...

The Raptors dropped onto the field of battle to mix it up with the Swooping Hawks. They took a beating getting into combat with the Swooping Hawks - but then dealt them some heavy damage in melee. I think at the end of the game there was one or two Raptors left duking it out with one last Swooping Hawk - which was enough for a Linebreaker Victory Point!

We called it at the end of two hours. I had to help out with this game most of the time as both haven't played a lot. They only got through three rounds. In the end the Eldar held three of the objectives and had additional victory points for First Blood and Linebreaker for a total of NINE. Chaos held only one objective for a total of THREE. Victory went to the Eldar.

Meanwhile, the Necrons were fighting the Orks in the Jungle... Two of the Objective markers were in the Necron deployment zone and they were pretty quickly able to claim the third.

Wazdigg came roaring on in his Warbuggy in the Necron rear, however and gave them all something to cogitate!? Even took a few potshots at the Overlord!

Lootas taking up a firing position, while the Boyz secured the one objective marker in their deployment zone.

Finnegan pondering his options.

The trouble with having ONE BIG UNIT of Boyz... it's hard to claim multiple objective markers...

 Nevertheless, fun was had. I have to say, I am totally impressed with these two guys - they have really learned the rules. While I was helping the other two through their game, these two played through five rounds in two hours pretty much all on their own!

Postitions at the end of the game. Necrons held three Objectives for NINE Victory Points, and the Orks held one and scored First Blood for FOUR. Victory went to the NECRONS!



After quickly scarfing back a quick lunch it was on to the next game!!!


For the next game we just played the next scenario in the book: No Mercy. For this one players receive victory points for each enemy unit destroyed as well as bonus victory points for First Blood, Linebreaker, and Slay the Warlord.


This time the Orks faced the Forces of Chaos in the Desert!

This one was slightly more to the Orks advantage!

To start the Chaos forces aggressively advanced forwards shooting at the Orks.

The Hellbrute blasted a few Orks apart with it's autocannon and frag missiles.

Then Crazy Wazzdigg roared onto the table with his Warbuggy - distracting the Chaos forces and diverting the Chaos Bikers.

The Chaos Raptors dropped to the Orks rear and started shooting at the Lootas.

And then the Raptors charged the Lootas.

They probably should have stuck to shooting at the Lootas, because once they charged in, things started going badly for them...

Then the Boyz charged in against the Hellbrute and the Cultists and the Sorcerer... and things started rapidly going downhill for the Forces of Chaos...


The Power Klawson the Boss and Warboss were making a mess of the Hellbrute  (think: "giant can openers"!) and the Sorcerer - despite the terminator armour - was feeling a little worried about the overwhelming numbers he was facing and so they both fell back from the melee...


Of course, the Orks just charged right in again...

They finished off the Hellbrute causing it to EXPLODE which killed a few Orks and very nearly  took out the Warboss, the Weirdly, and the Sorcerer!? I think The Orks then finished of the sorcerer and that was pretty much it... The Orks took out four units, killed the warlord and had a unit in the enemy deployment zone for 7 Victory Points... Forces of Chaos... zip... Orks Won this one!

At the other table the Eldar we taking on the Necrons.

Eldar are not really suited to the wholesale slaughter this scenario requires, but they gave it a go.

Clinkity-Clank - Necrons moving through the jungle.

Eldar moving up to meet them for no really good reason... I need to come up with some better, more tailored scenarios...

The Howling Banshees and the Harlequin Troupe Master charged the Lychgard and hammered on them pretty hard while the Guardians exchanged fire with... well.. everyone else. They were completely out-gunned and didn't last long.

After the Guardians were all killed, the Warlock that had been accompanying them charged the Deathmarks. It was charge and maybe take out a few in melee or just stand there and get shot by them next turn as there was nowhere she could really get to that would be completely out of line of sight... Took out a Necron or two... died... they came back.... Ugh.... Necrons are the WORST!

Jain Zar and the Rest of the Harlequins joined in the melee, as did the Necron Overlord. I swear, the Aeldari killed the Lychgard unit three times over, but they just kept coming back. Jain Zar killed the Overlord in ONE TURN but the Lychgard soaked up all the wounds... and then came back the next turn. So frustrating...

Then the Necron Warriors finally made it over there and it all came to a quick end... The Necrons scored First Blood and took out four units for FIVE Victory Points. The Aeldari scored no Victory Points.




I based this scenario on one of the objectives from one of the Open War cards. Six Objective markers were set up at the beginning of the game. At the beginning of each turn the players would roll for each marker they controlled. If they rolled a SIX all other markers would be removed and whoever controlled the marker at the end of the game wins the game. Game ends at the end of Round Five through Seven depending on dice rolls or at 3:45...


My kids decided as they didn't need to leave at 4pm, they'd rather sit and watch the others play and could play their game later (in the end, they decided they'd had enough and didn't play their final game after all...).

And so... The Forces of Chaos faced the Necrons in the Jungle for the final battle of the afternoon!

The way it ended up being set up, three of the objective markers were in the Chaos deployment zone and a fourth was just outside it. Only two were in the Necron deployment zone.

So right off the hop, the Necrons aggressively advanced towards the Chaos forces!

The Chaos minions were intent to just sit on their objective markers and just shoot at the advancing Necrons - they didn't even advance to take the fourth marker just outside their deployment zone.

The game changed rapidly when, on the second (or maybe third?) round when the main prize was located deep within the NECRON deployment zone! The Necrons Quickly doubled back with the Deathmarks while the others set up blocking positions.

The forces of Chaos then started trying to punch their way through!

Conveniently the Raptors had been left in reserve and were able to deep strike behind enemy lines and charged the Deathmarks!

...and wiped them out seizing control of the objective!

The Chaos bikers came screaming all the way around the edge of the table to help hold on to the objective.

The whole game was a real nail-biter right to the bitter end. From the start I though Chaos might have a chance at winning a game with four of the potential objectives so close to their start location, but when the final objective was located so far from them, I thought there was no way they could win. Then the Raptors wiped out the Deathmarks and the Bikers came screaming around the the Hellbrute punched past the Necron Warriors....

the Sorcerer sure kept some of the other beckons busy!

The bikes successfully blocked the Overlord and Lychguard from getting at the Raptors... but then one unit of Warriors slipped through between the bikers and the Hellbrute and annihilated the raptors once again seizing control of the objective for the Necrons!!!

On the very last turn the Hellbrute lumbered up to the ruins, blew away half of the Necron Warriors...

... then he charged in and killed most of the rest....

When the dust settled and the game ended there was ONE Necron Warrior and the Hellbrute both contesting the Objective Marker... A DRAW!!!

It was generally agreed it was a pretty rad ended to an awesome day of gaming and it was high fives all around.

Next time: Power Level 40...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well I didn't get to play on Friday, so I'm hoping I might get in a game or two with the kids over the weekend with the kids... perhaps I'll post a report of that...

There are a lot of things on the workbench right now. Too many really, and none of it is getting much work done on it. I'm having hard time focusing on things - like there are too many things I want to do, but also I'm on some new medication and that is literally making it hard to focus on things... Ugh...

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