Saturday, June 9, 2018

Imperial Knights: Renegade

So... I kind of did this thing...

There is a LOT of stuff in that big box... should keep me busy for a while...

So much to consider...

Do I do them as Freeblade(s)?

Do I start a Knightly House?

Do I go with the Pink Leopard pattern of my Warhound Titan?

Probably not. Warhounds would be part of an Adeptus Titanicus Legios... Knights are part of the Questor Imperialis... I guess there are Mechanicus Knights... and the Titan Legions have some affiliation with the Adeptus Mechanicus...?

Another thought was to carry Baron Philipe Lapin forward into the 41st millennium and form a knightly house around his Bunny Rampant Banner...

Finnegan keeps asking if I'm going to be building BOTH knights. I think he'd like one... mind you, he hasn't finished the Gorkanaut he picked up on Boxing Day, so.... Honestly, if he wants a giant robot monster, he should probably pick up a Stompa for his Orks (or the T'au that he's planning on doing next). The Stompa, in terms of power level, is about the same as the TWO knights together!? I saw a really great Gargant scratch-build a while back. I was thinking we could build one of those... then I could take my knights AND my Warhound Titan AND my Shadowsword up against that!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I'd like to say "KNIGHTS, Obviously!" but I actually have two Shadespire gangs on the workbench and one is very nearly done and the other is half done and I'd kind of like to get those out of the way before working on these new beasties!


  1. Gosh that's a lot of kit! Good thing it was a bargain! Says the"enabler", still you can save loads of money and have great fun scratch building an Ork gargant,you must have a load of stuff to use to add to what maybe an mdf structure to start? Lots of fun to come.
    Best Iain

    1. Ha! Thanks!

      the Gargant I saw was made out of an upside down plastic pail and some other plastic containers for the head and feet. It sounds goofy, but it looked pretty slick, and then with lots of other scrap bits and bobs it was fleshed out into a giant mechanical nightmare. I wish I had a link for it, it was simple but elegant. Well... elegant as anything Ork-ish could ever be...

    2. The kits have a LOT of little parts. The Warhound was basically five parts... these are over a hundred each. I think they're going to take some time to assemble and paint. That's assuming I can actually make a decision about WHICH knight variants I want to assemble them as...

  2. That is a great set, and for a GW kit a tremendous bargain as well. If I ever thought I would get around to painting them, I could probably talk myself into buying it, but I still lack paint on the baneblade I said I would build and paint before my son was born... eight years ago.

    As for colors, I think you could say they were Imperium at large allied, and then have a quarter of their arms done up to match your Warhound. "After the great victory at Skypertown, where the knight household X fought so well with the Titan legion Y, they took up a portion of their arms in remembrance of their brotherhood" (in giant robots)

    The new codex is going to have a lot of build your own stuff, so you may want to hold off and see what turns up there.

    1. I dangle carrots for myself - told myself I couldn't possibly buy Imperial Knights: Renegade if I hadn't even finished the Warhound titan... So I finished the Warhound titan... It's a pretty good motivator... sometimes...

      I picked up the new Imperial Knights codex along with this. I'm kind of leaning towards Freeblades rather than part of a house. I can't imagine myself ever buying MORE of these - which I'd probably need to if I wanted to field a force based around a Knightly House.

      There's one illustration of a freeblade in the book the actually has it's carapace painted with a pattern similar to Great War German biplane camouflage - which looks just great! I think I'm going to do something similar for at least one of them!

      Most factions in the game have their own special rules - in the Knights Codex there are rules for generating special rules for individual freeblades, which is pretty interesting. Each has to take a Quality and a Burden. Qualities are beneficial special rules - you can roll fro two random one or select one. The Burdens are disadvantages - you can either roll for one random on or pick two...

      It seems like a neat idea, but most of the burdens seem pretty harsh... There are some that would make certain types of Knights utterly useless... so you could roll for one random one and hope that you don't get the one that makes your Knight useless, or you could try and pick two the individually suck a little less, but collectively I'm not sure if there is a combination of two that wouldn't more than make up for any advantage any of the Qualities could give...?