Thursday, August 30, 2018

Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Four

The Kamp Kill Team Campaign raged on into it's fourth day on Thursday! As Da Boyz had to leave at lunchtime for an appointment, we only got in one round today...

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Orks vs Harlequins

As the Orks leader Burny Sandurz was convalescing, the Orks recruited a new leader for this game: Burnak Orkbama.

Scenario: Lure of Loot
Sector Munitorum - Scavenged Bounty

the Lure of Loot Scenario is one that came with the Ork Starter. There are a number of objective markers (equal to number of players) in the centre of the table and the team that gets the most off the table wins.

Scout Phase:
Orks - Set Traps - they got to set two.
Harlequins - Eliminate Sentries - she figured the OBVIOUS strategy for this scenario would be the Take Forward Positions, and figured rather than taking it and having to roll off to see who actually does get to make use of the strategy, she took the counter to it... except that the Orks DIDN'T take that Strategy, so this one was useless.

The Orks got the initiative in the first battle round and one of their advancing Boyz snatched up one of the loot crates.

The Harlequins danced forward on their movement phase and snatched one of the crates as well. The Harlequin with the crate, Little Star, was in a particularly precarious position, standing right in from of FIVE Burna Boys! She used the Prisamatic Blur tactic - a Harlequin that advanced in the round increases their Save to 3+. It helped. The five Burnas all unleashed a torrent of flame at her - over a dozen hits and only ONE caused an injury (which, luckily, was only a flesh wound!) .

In the second round the Harlequins got the initiative. Little Star made off with her crate and the rest piled in on the Ork Boy that was carrying the other one.

Most of the Orks joined in the melee in the centre of the table. Two chased after Little Star, but she shot one of them in the face, and the other's Burna was out of range! The following round the danced ofd the table.

The rest fought in the centre for two rounds. On the second, the Ork Boy with the crate tried to fall back with his loot - but got shot for his troubles and would have been taken out of action - if it weren't for a tactical re-roll that reduced the injury to a flesh wound.

By the end of Round Three there were only 4 Boyz left on the table - the Kill Team was broken and all were shaken... They opted for a Strategic Withdrawal.

For their victory the Harlequins gained +2 Morale, and the Orks lost -1 Morale.

Two Harlequins were injured, but recovered quickly. Raining Pouring would have made it to Level 3 if we'd continued the campaign.

Burn'ard died of his wounds! He was a Level 3 Combat Specialist - and would have been Level 4 at the end of this game! Others carried on.

Tyranids vs Chaos

When I announced who would be playing whom, based on the current standings, the Chaos player whined; "Awwww... I don't WANT to lose a game!"

Scenario: Take Prisoners
Sector Mechanicus - Artificial Earthquakes

Scout Phase:
Tyranids - Take Forward Positions
Chaos Set Traps

The elder brother with the Tyranids, obviously still annoyed by his younger brothers (completely legitimate) tactic of giving ground and firing upon him, started in right away with the berating and such telling him "See, now you HAVE to get into close combat!" For what it's worth, the games are played on such a small area, that there is NO avoiding close combat with a force that wants to get stuck in. If you have shorty guys, you might as well get one or two rounds of shooting in.

The Tyranids charged in as quick as they could - by the end of the first round there were two Chaos Space Marines with two flesh wounds each!

The Hormagaunt veteran was blown up by one of the traps.

There was a lot of arguing... and attempts at Rules Lawyering (which was kind of ridiculous as neither has even READ the rules) and asking for clarifications and some pretty wild interpretations of rules and demands for roll-offs... Ugh... I just wanted to hide in the dining room where my own kids were playing...

In the end it was fought to a draw at the end of turn Five when neither side had managed to capture any of the enemies models... Which SEVERELY irritated the Tyranid player... The Chaos player had only 2 left on the table and both had THREE FLESH WOUNDS!

One of the Chaos Cultists died wounds and the Veteran Hormagaunt that had tripped off the booby trap was apparently blow to small bits of biomatter that couldn't be reconstituted properly... The Tyranid Combat Specialist and the Chaos Space Marine Zealot would have made it to Level 4 this game if we'd been carrying on.

This actually wrapped up the Kill Team Campaign and the final standings were to determine the Power Levels and opponents for tomorrow's 40K game. Each player would get to play with a force of a Power Level equal to the total of their remaining resources and the top two players would play each other and the bottom two players would play each other.

The Final Results for the Kill Team Campaign: 

Intelligence: 10
Materiel: 11
Morale: 9
Territory: 10
Total: 40 - 4 wins, 1 loss, 2 draw2

Heretic Astartes
Intelligence: 9
Materiel: 11
Morale: 8
Territory: 9
Total: 37 - 3 wins, 2 losses, 2 draws

Intelligence: 10
Materiel: 8
Morale: 8
Territory: 10
Total: 36 - 2 wins, 5 losses

Intelligence: 8
Materiel: 8
Morale: 12
Territory: 7
Total: 35 - 3 wins, 4 losses

I was going by total resources to determine standings, but if I'd gone with wins/losses first and resources being the tie-breaker, the Orks and Harlequins would have been reversed.

According to the standings it should have been siblings paired up for tomorrow's 40K games - but no one really wanted to do that. My kids didn't want to because they felt like they can play each other anytime, might as well get a game in against their friends that they don't see as often. The other boys weren't interested because they were sick of playing against each other; the Chaos player was sick of "losing games" and the Tyranid was sick of "not winning" games...

So the Ork will face the Tyranids tomorrow. Orks will have a force of 36 power level and the Tyranids will field up to 40. Finnegan is going to roll out with his, relatively recently finished, GORKANAUT!!! It will be fun to see it finally in action!!

The Harlequins will be facing the Minions of Chaos. The Harlequins will be fielding 35 Power Level and the Forces of Chaos will have up to 37.

Overall I think the Kill Team campaign went well enough. certainly everyone learned the rules a little bit better and have a bit better understanding of the strategies and tactics that work best with their Teams and how to deal with various opponents. A LOT of these games bogged down into melees in the middle of the Kill Zone - but that is mostly because three of the four were really close-combat-oriented Kill Teams - the Tyranids didn't have ANYTHING with shooting ability.

No one, at anytime, even LOOKED at the Kill Zone specific tactics, let alone made use of any... perhaps with time we will make use of those...

Maybe four days in a row was a bit much. Didn't really give me time to try and weave a narrative to tie the scenarios and games together - which I might have liked to do... I think it will work well for a weekend campaign in February, however.

I'd like to get in some games - and try out some different things. I also really need to finish up the rest of the Sector Mechanicus and Sector Munitorum Terrain - AND start painting the sector Imperialis Terrain (I DDI get them assembled and primed this week. There is SO MUC DETAIL on all of it! I've ben kind of intimidated by it - worried I'll get bogged down in it all and it will take for-EVAR to paint up...

One thing I DID get to finish painting this week...

The first of the Galvanic Servohaulers... though, I don't really think this one is much of a "hauler"...? Nice little model though. I have two more in this set to complete - then another complete set of three! Aye-yi-yi!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A game report of tomorrow's 40K games will probably be the next post.

After that...? More Kill Team terrain and possilbly some kill teams...? I did a bit more work on a couple more Drukhari kabalites last night - I'm pretty excited to finish them up and I expect they'll be done next week. After that I 'll probably work on the Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team - I have the team that came with the boxed set and picked up a box of Sicarians to add the possibility of including Ruststalkers or Infiltrators.

Later this month Kill Team: Rogue Trader is to be released, which I am pretty excited about - and now they've just announced ANOTHER Rogue Trader themed box set - Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress wherein Rogue Trader Janus Draik (and presumably some of his crew) hoped to lay claim to this mysterious new... Thing... that has appeared at the edge of the Galaxy. I wonder if it will make use of some of the new minis from the new Rogue Trader Kill Team box or if it will be entirely new stuff!? Will this drop before the end of the year? Do I NEED more GW box games in my house!?


  1. I have to admit the terrain looks great! Every time I see yours (and so well painted) I'm tempted to get some...

    1. Thanks!

      They do make some fun stuff...

      Wait 'til I get some of the Imperialis stuff done! (IF I ever get the Imperialis stuff done!!)

  2. Nice job on the servo hauler, it's come up really well.

    1. I'm rather happy with how it turned out as well! Thanks!

  3. You must be glad the kill team campaign is pretty much over,it sounds like it would be a good semi RPG combat system but you would need players who wanted to play the narrative as opposed to just the game,I like your 40k tractor it's great!
    Best Iain

    1. It's been fun. I learned a lot. I'm looking forward to the next one. But yeah, I'm okay with this being done...