Saturday, September 15, 2018

Death World Forest Kill Zone - Shardwrack Spines

This isn't the very LAST of the Death World Forest terrain... but I'm almost done... I have two little bits left to do (I think they're called "Grapple Weed"..?).

Shardwrack Spines from Games Workshop.

I went with red for them partly to make them stand out from the Barbed Venomgoarse, but also to give them an alien, otherworldly look - and I figured how better to make things otherworldly than to paint them the opposite colour you'd expect them to be on the colour spectrum given that most terrestrial plants are green!

Also in a Cthulhu Now adventure I ran ages ago, there were these plants that fed off carrion that had red stems that seemed utterly creepy...

I thought of putting the Valhallans in here for a laugh... but then decided against it..

Looking forward to actually PLAYING A GAME on this... hopefully this afternoon... or perhaps tomorrow...

Definitely feeling like I have enough to play a game. Really, if I had much more I'd be hard to move the figures around in there without catching a sleeve on some terrain and knocking it all out of place...


You get the idea...

In other news... Rogue Trader came out today and I wandered over to my FLGS - Dragon's Den Games. Unfortunately (for my wallet) the Moon Base Klaisus set I'd asked them to get in for me also arrived. fortunately, there was a storewide 20% off sale going on because this weekend is also the Saskatchewan Comic and Entertainment Expo... So... I kind of picked up a little something else...

I know what you're thinking; "Tim!? WTF!? GENESTEALERS!?" I assure you I have a completely legit reasons for picking those up! The Writhing Shadow Tyranids Starter Kit comes with just Genestealers. Genestealers are TOTALLY easy to paint up. There are eight of them, at 11 points each that is 88 points - almost a full Kill Team right there. Because there is only one type of combatant, using one data card, they would be totally easy for a complete noob to play. I'm running a learn-to-play demo of Kill Team at ToonCon in a few weeks and I realized that most of the factions I have are imperial - it would be little weird to run a game with Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Mechanicus Skitarri - they're all on the same side... So my plan it to have ONE of those Imperial factions to play with (ideally the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarri - as they come in the core boxed set) along with Drukhari, these Tyranid/Genestealers, and some Chaos Space Marines and Cultists....

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully a Kill Team game report and/or an update on the September Game-a-Day Challenge.

After that...? I'm not sure... I WAS thinking of trying to get the Sector Imperialis terrain done - as I could use the flip side of the Death World Forest board - which has an edge that is meant to match up with one of the Sector Imperialis boards (to look like a forest overtaking the ruins of an imperial city...?) and use that for the game at ToonCon. You really need two boards for a four player game and the only other two boards that I have that match up are Sector Imperialis boards, and I don't have nearly enough Sector Imperialis Terrain to FILL two boards. But now that I have Moonbase Kalisus - which contains FOUR boards about the size of a Kill Zone board - which are double sided and could bus used singly for a one-on-one game of Kill Team, two could be used together for a four-player game of Kill Team, or all four could be matched up to play a full game of 40K (as, all together, they make a board slightly less than 6'x4'). I figure I could use a mix of Sector Mechanicus, Sector Munitorum, and the STC Ryza-Pattern ruins on either side of the boards - and not even worry about rushing though the Sector Imperialis terrain at all...  And thus have some time to concentrate on finishing up some pretty new Kill Teams for the ToonCon game...?


  1. I was thinking about picking up sector mechanicus for a second board but death world looks pretty fantastic painted up.

    1. Thanks! It is considerably different from the others currently available! I am curious to see how games play on it - hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend and be able to share my observations then!

  2. Fantastic looking vegetation Tim! As for Gene stealers, can one really ever have enough? What was the Moonbase set built for? Is that a new release as well? Or an older item you tracked down to use in Kill team?

    1. Thanks Terry! Realm of Battle: Moon Base Klaisus I think came out in the last year or so - with 8th Edition? It's meant to be a board you can play regular 40K on. but it happens to be made up of four smaller boards that conveniently are about the right size for Kill Team.

  3. Just awesome work on all this terrain. Trying to sport some genuinely “alien” looking terrain and vegetation is something that can add a great look to the table of any sci-if game, but I never get around to it...this is great stuff, and a reminder the effort is worth it!

  4. These look amazing! I have been browsing around looking for ideas on how to paint mine. Great job!