Tuesday, August 20, 2019


I finished up some Spyrers this week. It seemed like a fun idea to get them. Spryers are, generally, high-born nobles - residents of The Spires - that done Spyrer rigs to go hunting down in the Underhive. Sometimes it's youths, going to "prove themselves". Other times they are the devoted servants of the Spyre Lords, sent down to retrieve or take out something or someone - as was the case in Blood Royale (the first Kal Jericho novel by Will McDermott and Gordon Rennie). In fact I blame that book for inspiring me to get these... The seemed so bad ass...

There aren't rules for playing Spyrers in the current Necromunda Underhive (2017) rules (well... not YET!). But I thought I could come up with some stats/special rules for them and use them as the focus of a scenario ("Spyrers have come down hunting for sport - lets show them that they shouldn't MESS with Underhivers" sort of thing...).

Of course then I got them and... I blanked... had no idea how to paint them. Wasn't loving samples I found online... so I went with simple, (mostly) single colour rigs... I'm not totally happy with them, but they're done and it's time to move on to other more interesting things.

The group or them.

They kind of look a little like a superhero team. In reality, they're kind of the opposite!

In my mind's eye - I imagined them being a vicious gang of minor noble brats, each from a different ruling house, that run together for kicks...

I haven't worked out rules for the rigs just yet...

Anastasia Helmawr, the leader of the gang, is a direct descendant of Lord Gerontius Helmawr, himself (he is her grandfather). Though Lord Helmawr has sired so very many offspring in his hundreds of years of rule (both legitimate and illegitimate) many of whom have their own children of their own (and GRANDchildren of their own!), Anastasia is 264th in line of succession and is unlikely to ever rule. More likely she will be married off to some dirty old patriarch from one of the other ruling households as part of a marriage contract to secure some new deal ensuring the houses ongoing support and loyalty. Because of this, she spends as much time avoiding the Spyre as possible...

Anastasia sports a Jakara rig which emphasizes speed and mobility. For weapons she has a power sword and a Mirror Shield (which can absorb and reflect energy-based shooting attacks!)

Wolfgang Ulanti in a Yeld Rig. He's #2. Probably field as a Champion. Yeld are like flying chameleons with razor-sharp wings and lasers on their gauntlets.

Marshall Ty and Oscar Catallus use Orrus rigs. Orrus are some hard-hitting muthafukkahs. They got Bolt Launchers all around their power fists.

Marvin Ko'Iron and Tabitha Greim both use Malcadon rigs. They're kind of like spiders - got some web spinners and can climb stuff and the powered claws gotta have a bit of a sting to them!

I found an old pdf of the rules for Spyrers from a previous edition of Necromunda - seems like the rules would be easily translatable...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Space Rats...? It's what I've been working on since finishing these up. Hope I can keep the momentum up on them and finish them off!


  1. Nice work!

    I immediately thought of superheroes, too, but on closer look changed my assessment to super-villains.

    1. Cheers! It's kind of really what they are - villains!

  2. Of all the gangs these appealed the least, maybe it's the spoilt brat bit? Lovely work though and I think the single colour works really well!
    Best Iain