Thursday, September 18, 2008

What to do... What to do....?

I'm not really sure what to do next....

I'm kind of feeling like "finishing things up". I've acquired quite a few things lately and honestly feel like I don't want any more, at least not until I've "finished a few things up". As I mentioned in the last post I had a brief happy/satisfied moment when I realized I had painted ALL of the 28mm Modern military figures. Now I've got a few more on the way in the mail, but not so much that a couple nights couldn't see those finished off. In the meantime, however, I'm looking for projects that I can easily finish up and have a sense that something in my life - however small - is complete.... If only for the moment...

So here's a few things I've found, unfortunately none of them really jump out as THE thing to get on with... Any suggestions? (especially from anyone that might actually play with me...?)?

28mm WW2 Russians
-Half-painted KV-2 to finish up.
-8 Riflemen
-76mm AT gun and crew.

Unfortunately even finishing the eight riflemen doesn't really give me full sections... of course when would the russians ever have fielded platoons with full sections...!? I also don't really have anything for the AT gun to shoot at... or anything with a hope of taking out a KV-2.... so...

But then finishing those eight riflemen WOULD give me something resembling an under-strength platoon... hmmmmm...

28mm WW2 British/Canadian Paras
-17 infantrymen
-1 mortar + 3 crew
-1 6 Pdr AT gun (crew already done)
-1 prone sniper

Finishing that section and a half of infantry (half of which are half painted....) would finish up a second full platoon of them... less a platoon command section... (not sure where I'm going to get that from....). When am I ever going to use TWO FULL PLATOONS of 28mm WW2 British Paras though!?

In addition to a command section for the second platoon I could probably do with some specialists - engineers, etc.... someday...

28mm WW2 Resistance/Partizans
-20 Assorted French Resistance/Partizan types

These could do double (or triple) duty as both French Resistance/Partizans in straight up WW2 skirmishes, but also work great in Pulp Adventure games or many could even pass off as armed Polish civilians in a Twilight:2000 campaign I've been thinking about running...? The down side is irregulars are... well... irregular, it's harder to set up a production line than with uniformed troops... not saying it can't be done or anything... but it is a bit harder...

20mm Modern Canadians
Well there's actually lots to do here... so might as well get cracking, right...? When I get them done I'll get back to sculpting and finish up the french and start working on my "generic commies" (very generic looking troops armed with soviet equipment that could be from any number of nations simply by painting them a bit different...).

28mm Modern Civvies and Supers.
-5 "Scare Crow Gang" members
-4 "Stretchy Gang" members
-4 Urban Cowgirls
-3 Street Violence Hotties
-7 Assorted Super Hero/Villain types
-16 Civilians (13 unarmed, 3 with guns)
-3 Terrorists
-2 Riot Police

Well there's a bit to do there but since I am almost done with the other moderns (the military types) I have this urge to finish these up as it is a collection that I don't feel the urge to add to (or if I did at some point it would be a figure or a pack here and there that I could paint straight away and not have such a huge backlog of stuff on the theoretical "to do" list....

Many of them will be a pain in the butt to paint, though... Especially the Super types...

28mm Vietnam
-9 Vietcong
-3 Villagers
-20 "Cham"
-30 PAVN Infantry
-Mortar, MG, Recoiless Rifle and Crews...
-Ox Cart
-Half-finished Tank

It's another collection that has a bit to do, but is stable (i.e. not buying any more for!) so could be finished up and be FINISHED! Some of them would be easy enough to paint...

There's others too that are similarly close to being finished... Especially in the 28mm WW2 Category; Germans ("Euro" and DAK), Commandos, etc... but I dont' feel like sorting through them tonight and am not feeling particularly motivated to work on any of them. probably because they are in definite need of MORE STUFF and looking at them will make me start thinking about what more I actually "need" to make them "whole"....

Zombies, Rippers/Space:1889/Colonials, Pulp Adventure... all seem equally interesting, too, and have a few things here and there to finish up...

There's others I'd like to work on, but they're more like "starting" projects than finishing them up!

Then there's a few things I feel like I "should" do but dread... the BMDs for my Soviet VDV force. I only have six (plus a command on and a mortar one...), two companies worth, and realistically won't be adding any more any time soon. They WOULD definitely give me some fun new options for the force... but they're annoying kits to put together.... seems like "WORK" - and there's something wrong when a hobby seems like "work"...

I have an absurd amount of modern British armour in 20mm to work on too. They're Revell kits, nicer to put together but still tedious and time-consuming. Enough to equip an entire mechanized battalion. Unfortunately that's MORE than I can field for the Russians... and something about that just seems... I don't know... WRONG?!


So where to start!?

Got any suggestions? Post 'em in the comments!


  1. Well, Tim, I personally don't care for the "Modern" stuff . . . my two favorite periods are the 18th Century (Tricorns) and the Late 19th Century Colonials . . . of course I'm in British Columbia, not Saskatchewan, so I probably won't be able to play with you.

    But hasn't John sculpted some WSS troops? Why don't you paint some of those?

    -- Jeff

  2. I finished all of my WW2 Soviets recently and it felt good, so can sympathize.

    I was in a similar position to you with your 28mm Paras with my 28mm moderns, more unpainted than I could possibly need. So, I gritted my teeth, ebay-ed the excess unpainted, leaving a reasonable amount left to paint up and game with.

    I'd go with the Soviets to start with, it seems like the thing you can get done the fastest. The KV can be used as terrain (i.e broken down) if there is nothing for it to do, and the gun can be used against infantry and give the Germans and objective to destroy.

    I gave up on sticking to the TOE and my Russkies run around in 7 or 8 man squads, seems more realistic.

    Good luck!

  3. Jeff - painting WSS stuff would fall into the "starting new projects" category. On my list of "things to do", but I'd like to finish some projects first!

    Patrick - yeah that's the way I was leaning - finishing the Russians... or at least work on them until the new toys arrive in the mail....

    I don't think I could ever admit to owning more than I could possibly need, at least not to the point of getting rid of them... but then I am a closet megalomaniac... Those two full-strength platoons of paras could be fielded as an under-strength company! think of the options then!

  4. The only problem with the Russians is they don't really fit into any gaming plans for the immediate future....


    Oh, and I have a GAZ truck to do too...

    I'll probably do them anyway - which might get Gary and Christian excited. But I think I'd have to build a pile of ruined city terrain before I actually busted them out to play with.

  5. Yeah! WW2 stuff. Russians, Paras, Partisans. Ruined cities. Good stuff. - Gary

  6. yeah I knew you'd be excited about that...

  7. Of what you currently have, sounds like the Resistance types are the ones you have the least objection to, just being the irregular paint jobs.

    The civilian/Supers types seems like something you might could break down into mini-projects...perhaps finish up one set of them, then do something else if you didn't feel like doing the next.