Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Army Markers

I finished up two more Army Markers for the Hordes of the Things Campaign:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The two latest additions are the Elves and LOTR Orcs (in front). The Elf Wizard is a Reaper Miniatures figure that I painted some time ago and just rebased to add to this stand, the rest are from Games Workshop.

We do need one more army marker for the third Orc/Goblin Army which I may end up painting, or Mr. Miller might paintit himself as it is for his army…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

It is only ten more sleeps (and ten more evenings of painting!!) until the Wargames Weekend!! I have a map to finish up and I’d like to finish up a few more elements as options for a couple of the armies: Dwarven Shooters and a Cleric, a Norman peasant Horde, Orc Spear, perhaps an Evil Wizard...


  1. 10 days! I still have to paint shields. And ground. And clerics.

    Anyway, feel free to put your Anglish on the back burner, because I plan to bring my boys, with new bases and some Religious Men from Gripping Beast.

  2. 10 days indeed!!

    I have a spare cleric stand you can use if need be - and I could have a horde of peasants or "lesser fyrd"... or you could just borrow my whole darn Saxon army if you just can't get it done... It'd be cool if you could bring your own... but don't get too stressed over it!

  3. Having just survived an insane shuttle bus ride in Ottawa (honestly, I thought we were going to die three different times--this guy was possessed), I sit here in the hotel awaiting the map and list of who is who. Let's get this on! BTW, I just saw Jack Layton blow off an Amnesty International canvasser while we had dinner on Sparks street. Tomorrow i must figure out how to get to the conference site in Gatineau (which is apparently what they are calling Hull these days).

    Bob in Edmonton