Monday, November 15, 2010

28mm WW2 – To Do

I sat down and figured out how many 28mm WW2 things I have to finish up this evening (because I apparently have nothing better to do!?)… All part of the planning process, I guess.

Soviet Infantry & Guns: 187 painted, 9 to do, 196 total, 95.4% complete
Soviet Vehicles: 6 painted, 5 to do, 11 total, 55% complete
Canadian Infantry & Guns: 109 painted, 1 to do, 110 total, 99% complete
Canadian Vehicles: 2 painted, 4 to do, 6 total, 33% complete
SAS/LRDG: 28painted, 28 total, 100% complete
British/Canadian Paras: 58 painted, 30 to do, 88 total, 66% complete
British Commandos: 46 painted, 32 to do, 78 total, 58% complete
French Foreign Legion: 30 painted, 30 total, 100% complete
Armed Civilians: 46 painted, 33 to do, 79 total, 58% complete
Italians: 0 painted, 53 to do, 53 total, 0% complete
USA – ETO: 15 painted, 42 to do, 57 total, 26% complete
USA – PTO: 10 painted, 10 total, 100% complete
ANZAC: 28 painted, 5 to do, 33 total, 85% complete
Japanese: 38 painted, 38 to do, 76 total, 50% complete
German Heer (European) Infantry & Guns: 64 painted, 79 to do, 143 total, 49% complete
German Heer (European) Vehicles: 6 painted, 10 to do, 16 total, 38% complete
DAK Infantry & Guns: 34 painted, 22 to do, 56 total, 60% complete
DAK Vehicles: 0 painted, 3 to do, 3 total, 0% complete
Uboat Crew: 16 painted, 16 total, 100% complete
Fallshirmjägers: 12 painted, 35 to do, 47 total, 25% complete
Gebirgsjägers: 15painted, 15 total, 100% complete
SS: 36 painted, 24 to do, 60 total, 60% complete

Total Infantry & Guns: 772 painted, 403 to do, 1211 total, 63% complete
Total Vehicles: 14 painted, 22 to do, 36 total, 39% complete

The Soviet infantry will be done in an evening’s work – they’re all casualties and are primed and most of the bases are gooped. Next up will be the Canadian Shermans (and that 6 Pdr AT gun!). After that the Soviet T-34s. Then all the Canadians and Soviets will be complete…

After those I’ll probably pluck away at assorted Germans (Heer and SS) and maybe quickly finish up the ANZACs in my possession and maybe even the Japanese…

British Commandos and Paras will work there way in there at some point, as well as the Fallschirmjägers and Armed Civilians…

The Italians and DAK are pretty low priority at the moment. They should be higher as I’ve got great terrain… But there’s only so many times Desert Commandos can storm a desert village…

The Americans are pretty low too… (Sorry, John… maybe if you came out and played WW2 games with us I’d get motivated…). Once I get some Normandy terrain built I’ll get more excited about them…

Looking at the rate I’ve been painting (which has been dropping lately), it’s still take another SIX MONTHS to finish all of this!?


I don’t even want to think about all the other stuff I have now…


  1. Good lord man!! What a collection, good luck with your schedule. That lots would take me years!!

  2. OMG. You are a painting machine. Good news is Christmas is coming so you will probably get some more to add to the list.

  3. Every time you document what you have outstanding I laugh and think that I'm not such a sad case myself after all. It seems plenty of others have a "Cupboard of Shame" as well. Besides, as everyone knows, the one who dies with the most wins...

  4. Nice man, just nice! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Inspiration...?! Am I inspiring you to come up with a new way of tracking your figure painting process...? or to but a donkey-load more WW2 stuff to haunt your closet for years...?

  6. Oh, that is a list and a half. With your teutonic efficency you will have all completed in time for Christmas.


  7. "The boys'll be done by Christmas..."

    When have we heard THAT before!?

    I had initially thought I'd be done all the WW2 stuff by the end of the year... but then I bought four more packs of Battle Honours Japanese... and then I more or less took a month off painting toys and now, Instead of painting toys EVERY night... I seem to be painting once or twice a week...

    Ah well... they'll get done sometime...

  8. lol, no, not inspired to buy more figures... although, those plastic Russians are pretty tempting... But inspired to makes lists and actually get some perspective on my painting projects :)

    With the Chinese Warring States project done - the warriors are no longer coming to cow town, so no museum show for us - I have to figure out where I'm going from here! It's list time!