Friday, November 26, 2010

Canadian Sherman Troop (Last of the Canucks!)

I finally finished up my Sherman Troop. And that pretty much finishes up the Canadians (well... except for the universal carrier…)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Shermans are all from West Wind Productions. The Firefly I had finished up previously. These chaps are painted as a troop from B Squadron of the 1st Canadian Hussars (6th Armoured Regiment, 2nd Independent Canadian Armoured Brigade) who were in direct support of the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade on D-Day.

I had originally planned on doing these as a step-by-step… but I just don’t have the time right now…

I also happen to finally finish up the 6-Pounder AT gun. The crew I had finished some time ago. Crew and gun are all from Artizan Designs.

The whole Canadian force so far…

There’s a mix of Artizan Designs, Bolt Action Miniatures, Black Tree Design, West Wind Productions, Crusader Miniatures, and First Corps. They have been painted with the shoulder titles of the Regina Rifle Regiment (7th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division).

I’m six riflemen shy of two full-strength rifle platoons. It’ll probably be a while before I pick them up because when would they have ever gone into action with nine – let alone a full ten!?

Supporting the Rifle platoons are two tubes of 3” mortars and their crews from the battalion’s Mortar Platoon, a six-pounder from the Anti-Tank Platoon, a couple sappers from the Pioneer Platoon, moving and firing Vickers teams from the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (the divisional MG Battalion), a scout car from the 7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of Yorks Royal Canadian Hussars – the Divisional Reconnaissance Regiment), and the aforementioned troop of Shermans from the 1st Hussars (6th Armoured Regiment, 2nd Independent Canadian Armoured Brigade – who were in direct support of the 7th Brigade on D-Day).

Oh and a bunch of casualties… and the Battalion Chaplain (complete with silver cross and brace of sharpened wooden stakes – in case things get a little… weird…)

The only outstanding Canadian item is a Universal Carrier. I guess I could use it to tow the AT gun around… but I’m not feeling really motivated to get it done any time soon. It’s a Tamiya plastic 1/48 model I picked up to see how close it might be in scale. It’s not too far off… but if I were to want any more carriers at some point I’d just buy a whole new lot and replace it as I’m sure it wouldn’t be anything close to a resin cast 28mm model…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Maybe some T-34s… maybe something Sci-fi-ish or pulpy… WE shall see…. I would like to finish up the T-34s because it’s the last of the Soviet stuff I have. I’ve actually got the East Front Campaigngoing again too so they’d potentially be handy in the short term – although the only opponents I have for them are the Pzkw38t and the StugD… (oh, and the doorknocker Pak36 AT gun).


  1. Nicely done Tim...your Canucks look outstanding. Good to see this project get to completion for you.


  2. Nice work mate. Well done on finishing your unit.

  3. Congratulations on finishing these fellows!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Now to make some terrain for them to fight over - and some enemy for them to fight!

  5. They look terrific Tim. Whats rules do you use?.
    I've about a platoons worth, with support and a corgi Cromwell.

  6. I use Savage Worlds for all my skirmish gaming - They're fun and simple and fast and also so I don't have to remember a different set of rules for every period I want to play...

    I have a separate blog where I post after action reports:

    Savage Timmy’s Playhouse

  7. Looks totally rockin. Have you read any of Zuehlke's books?

  8. Thanks Andrew!

    I've read Ortona - a few years back - and loved it. I recently picked up Juno Beach to read over the winter - and will likely follow that up with the rest of the books about the campaign in NW Europe.

  9. Brilliant stuff, Tim!



  10. Very impressive, it's nice to see them all together.