Friday, May 6, 2011

Parhoon Rifles

While working on the Hobgoblins last night I quickly did up four of the Parhoon Rifles to try and figure out what colour to do their skin. I was never really taken with the idea of yellow skin on Martians (as the Martians in Space: 1889 supposedly have).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I’ve done some Martians with red skin:

(Sort of John Carter-esque Martians – less the radium rifles)

I’ve also done my High Martians with orange skin:

I’m not married to the idea of red or orange. Indeed I’m okay with Martians having different skin tones (Earthlings do!?). These new Figures I’ve done up with a selection of skin tones. But I do want the units I’m working on now to be consistent. As they would all be recruited from the same region they’d most likely have a similar skin colour (so the ones below will need to be redone). I wasn’t sure about red or orange for the Canal Martian colonials. I was especially concerned the Parhoon Rifles in their green uniforms might look a little too… “Christmassy”? …with the red skin!

These are Space: 1889 Colonial Martian troops from RAFM.

last night I was thinking I actually didn’t mind that particular yellow I used… Now I'm kind of leaning towards the red or lightened orange.. The darker orange and red are the same as I used for the other Martians and the lighter orange is a mix of the darker orange and a slightly brighter yellow and a touch of pasty-white-earthling flesh tone.

I don’t know… anyone out there have any strong feelings one way or the other…?

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More Martians and Hobgoblins


  1. For Canal Martians I've gone with GW Rotting Flesh which allows for humans still to be called "Red Man",my Hill Martians have more 'colour'from a Tau Orcher to a reddish orange.I have it that some Hill Martian warriors paint their bodies with Martian dust/clays etc.As well as adding tatoos to their paint making them more tribal than their Canal Martian cousins.

    My High Martians which all Martians (in Space 1889) are supposed to come from a mixture of Orcher and Rotting Flesh for their wing membranes.

  2. I am currently using a light buttercream sort of color. It makes them pale colored with just a hint of yellow.

  3. Red looks good what color did you use

    1. Cheers! I used red for the Parhoon RIfles. They look very Christmassy... I think for others - when I get back to painting more of them - I will use a variety of oranges and yellows. There's different tones of skin colour on Earth, why not or Mars!?

      You can see the completed unit here"