Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Odd Assortment

I just can’t seem to get focused on any one project and go with it. Here’s what I’ve managed to finish up over the last few weeks…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Our  first Mutants and Death Ray Guns game got me briefly motivated to paint up a few old Grenadier post-apocalyptic figures…

I need more “survivors” that AREN’T armed with guns!

I also finished reading Fear and Faith and started reading Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters which briefly motivated me to finish up this Hasslefree Miniatures knock off of Willow.

(I haven’t finished reading Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters as I was distracted by the arrival of Ted Rall’s new book…)

I am thinking I would like to run a few horror games for Halloween.

On that spooky Halloween theme… a Reaper Bones cheap and easy bat swarm.

More Reaper Bones – FIRE!

A few Black Tree Design Ancient Greeks (because that’s what the kids and I are reading about in our survey of world history… Hopefully there will be more of these over the next two months or so…).

Battle Honors Great War British infantryman because… y’know… 100th anniversary and all that.... (and the Lead Adventure Great War Painting Club

Brigade Games Great War Indian Infantryman. Ditto.

Great War Miniatures Great War French cavalry officer.

I have at least been getting in some boardgaming lately – a LOT of boardgaming!

WE finished up reading about ancient Mesopotamia for the time being with a chapeter on NebuchadnezzarII and the hanging gardens he built for his Persian wife Amytis, so we busted out Hanging Gardens.

I also read Shadow Over Innsmouth with the kids – so we busted out Innsmouth Escape - which I’ve had for a few years but was waiting for the stars to be right to play…. (I asked Amanda and the kids to do their best Deep One impression for the photo – Amanda kind of really nailed the Innsmouth look there… almost worries me a little…).

I also recently picked up Cthuhu: Hastur La Vista Baby. The game is set in Kingsport, so I’m trying to think of which Lovecraft tales were set there that I could read with the kids before we crack this one… Any ideas?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Ugh… who knows… at the rate I’m painitng it will be a couple weeks before I post any freshly painted figures… perhaps there will be a game report in the meantime.