Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Great War Gun and Medieval Foot

A couple of productive evenings have led to a few more items rolling off the workbench this week…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Another entry (and possibly my last) for the Lead Adventure Forum Great War Painting Club - as it seems to be wrapping up (it may actually be all over by Xmas!)

The gun and crew are from Wargames Foundry.

They will be joining my Fourth Canadian Division’s artillery (not that the artillery will likely ever be put on the table…).

I have been trying to keep my painting and gaming thematically related to the history I’ve been reading about with the kids. We’ve finally gotten to the Greeks so I’ve been wanting to get back to painting hoplites (and I have painted a few!) and palying some games with those (perhaps even bust out Of Gods and Mortals) but I recently picked up Lion Rampant and have been somewhat distracted by it.  I’ve planning and trying to organize a few forces to try it out. This has required painting up a few things and rebasing a bunch more – mostly old Citadel historicals and Wargames Foundry figures I bought about 25 years ago that were in some of my original Warhammer armies – I later rebased them for DBA/HOTT thinking I’d put together some generic medieval/fantasy human armies… but I got to thinking I’ll probably not get to that any time soon so I’ve re-re-based them individually so they can be used for skirmishy gaming with A Song of Blades and Heroes (or Song of Arthur and Merlin?) and Lion Rampant.

I should probably just set it aside for now and know we’ll get to it next summer/fall when we get to medieval times in the reading… In the meantime here are a few figures I painted up to finish a unit of “Foot Serjeants”…

These lads are (I think) from Front Rank Figures War of the Roses line (I got them in a trade a few years back).

And here they are with the rest of their unit (that I painted previously).

I have a half dozen other units I should have ready shortly to try out a game – more on that shortly.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A few more Medieval types THEN (hopefully) I’ll get back to the Hoplites (and Amazons and Greek Gods and mythical beasties!)