Friday, March 6, 2015

British Commandos for Bolt Action

Since recently finishing off my WW2 Soviets I’ve been pondering my WW2 collections and reconsidering Bolt Action and tentatively organizing a few forces for those rules.

I also recently added some pictures of my Commando force to the 28mm World War Two Gallery and as I’d been figuring out how to organize them for bolt action I thought I’d share the photos here along with the organization.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Commando Assault Troop – 725 points (so far…)

Troop HQ: CO (Captain), Troop Sergeant Major, Batman/Runner/Siganller
(Veteran Captain plus two extra Veterans) 151 points

2” Mortar team (part of the Troop HQ, technically, but is considered a separate team for Bolt Action)
(Veteran Light Mortar Team) 46 points

Commando Assault Section

Commando Assault Section HQ: Subaltern + Sergeant
(Veteran First Lieutenant plus one extra Veteran Soldier) 103 points

2x Sub-sections

1st Subsection
LSgt(SMG), , Cpl (SMG), Bren-gunner 9x Riflemen (Including Bren No. 2 – all SMLE)
(Commando Section, 11 Veterans, 2 SMGs, 1 Bren LMG) 180 points

2nd Subsection
LSgt(SMG), , Cpl (SMG), Bren-gunner 9x Riflemen (Including Bren No. 2 – all SMLE)
(Commando Section, 11 Veterans, 2 SMGs, 1 Bren LMG) 180 points

(Yes, I know there's 11 guys in these subsections and the rules only allow for 10... I just don't care...)

Sniper Team – these guys may have – organizationally – just been part of one of the sections, but are separated out here as they are be treated as a separate entity in the rules
(Veteran Sniper Team) 65 points


I have enough figures still top paint for a complete second "Commando Assault Section" – to fill out a full Troop – These would be considered a “Second Platoon” (in the Bolt Action rules) with a Subaltern commanding two "subsections" + 463 points

I also have a PIAT team to add to the Troop HQ for later in the war.
(Veteran PIAT Team) +52 points

I think I also have a 3” mortar team (which would be supporting from the Commando Support Troop).
(Veteran Medium Mortar) +65 points

I have some spare figures I thought I might try and make into a Steratcher Bearer & Orderly (RAMC attached)
(Veteran Medic plus two additional Veteran Stretcher Bearers and Orderlies) +56 Points

I have another Commando Command Team that I thought I might try and use as a Forward Observer team – to bring naval guns to bear on targets inland!
(Veteran Naval Artillery Forward Observer) +155 points

I might also pick up a Commando Vickers team at some point
(Veteran Machine-gun Team) +65 points

Which could potentially bring the force up to a total of 1581 points

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably more Medieval and WW2 stuff... but who knows for sure!?


  1. Excellent, can't believe these eyes, so impressive!

    1. Thank you Phil!

      I forgot to mention these are actually older figures that I just took new pictures of (good lighting really helps!).

  2. Fab looking collection, again :)
    Anything NOT likely to show up here anytime soon?

    1. Thanks Mike!

      American Civil War. I can pretty much guarantee you there will be no Yanks or Rebs showing up here anytime soon! I have very VERY little interest in the American Civil War - I'll never say NEVER... but definitely not any time soon...

      American War of Independence is pretty low too... as is the Carlist War.... (I'm not really even sure what the Carlist War is, but Perry Miniatures has a range for it...).

      You're unlikely to see anything in 15mm here as well (unless I finally decide I'm going to get rid of the last of my 15mm WW2 - then I'll be posting pictures of it just to sell or trade it off)

  3. Nice work on those Tim. I like the fact you have 'blacked' the faces.

    1. Thanks Mark! I'm rather happy with the way the blackened faces turned out myself - it's one of those things that can easily ruin a figure if not done quite right - i mean the whole point of blackening faces was to break down the profile of the face and make it less recognizable - so how to make it look like you're trying to break down the profile of the face and make it less recognizable without actually breaking down the profile of the face so much that it makes it unrecognizable...!? Same goes for camouflage to a lesser extent...

  4. Excellent...I have plans for something similar using the same figures!

    1. Thanks Jim! I've been enjoying your Back of Beyond Extras - can't wait to see your commandos!