Monday, August 31, 2015

New Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign

Because ONE skirmish campaign just isn’t enough… I’d decided to run a concurrent A Song of Blades and Heroes-Song of Deeds and Glory skirmish campaign! The Family and I kicked it off Sunday afternoon by making some new warbands and trying out a scenario I’m thinking of using for the Demo I am running at ToonCon 2015 this September!


The scenario is designed for four players on my mountain pass terrain board. The players groups have heard a dragon that lives in the pass has laid an egg – a rare thing – and many would pay a high price for such a thing. Their respective groups have been waiting and watching for a moment when mama dragon is away and now is the time!

Each group starts on a different side of the table and must set up within 1 Long of the center of that side, up to 1 Medium from their table edge. Dice to see who chooses and sets up first.

A solitary egg is set in the exact center of the table. It takes an action to pick up the egg (though dropping it is a free action). It cannot be picked up in any enemy are in contact with the egg or when in close combat contact. The figure carrying the egg is slowed due to it’s bulk and weight – Long moves become Medium, Medium moves become short, etc. Mounted characters would have to dismount to pick it up and then remount (each an action) – but I won’t be giving anyone mounted figures when I run the scenario at the Con and no one took any mounted characters when we played it.

There will be a deck of four cards each with a factions name on it. At the beginning of each turn the four cards will be shuffled and then they will be drawn randomly to determine the order of the fations during the turn. On the second turn a fifth card will be added in for the Mama Dragon! If on any turn the Mama Dragon’s card is the first drawn the Mama Dragon returns and all hell breaks loose!

The Mama dragon will enter from one of the mountain tops and will immedidately swoop down and attack anyone carrying the egg. If no one is holding the egg the Mama dragon will swoop down and attack anyone nearest the egg! Or maybe she’ll just pick up the egg and fly off… I’ll be refereeing the scenario at the convention, so I’ll play it by ear…

Mama Dragon
Q 2+, C 5
Flying, Huge, Long Move, Shooter (Long), Terror, Tough

Yeah, that will be bad news when she shows up…


Our new Warbands ready for action…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Halflinghollow Defence Committee

Randall Ferfut – Halfling Leader
Q 3+, C 3, 54 Points
Short Move, Leader

Baldwin the Bold – Halfling Wizard
Q 4+, C 1, 26Points
Short Move, Magic-User

5x Halfling Spearmen – Nigel, Noddy, Francis, Terry, and Orville
Q 4+, C 2, @11Points
Short Move,

Clement – Elite Halfling Archer
Q 4+, C 2, 24 Points
Short Move, Shooter (Medium), Good Shot

2x Halfling Veterans – Sandy and Grenf
Q 4+, C 3, @18 Points
Short Move,

3x Halfling Villagers – Hollis, Berg, Kinkle
Q 4+, C 1, @6 Points
Short Move, Shooter (short)

5x Halfling Archers – Corky, Narned, Finkwit, Albernak, Ronwen
Q 4+, C 2, @17 Points
Short Move, Shooter (Medium)

The B. A. M. (Bad Ass Mothers)

No really, they’re all mothers… and they’re bad ass!

Human Infantry Leader
Q 3+, C 4, 70 points

Human Wizard’s Apprentice
Q4+, C 1, 30

5x Human Warriors
Q3+, C 3, 30 points

Human Elite Archer
Q3+, C 3, 50 points
Shooter (Long), Unerring Aim

The Clan of the Broken Mug

The Girl’s Kobold warband consists of:

Yimoyik – Koblold Leader
Q 3+, C 2, 44 points
Short Move, Leader

Shlugak – Koblold Shaman
Q 4+, C 2, 33 points
Short Move, Magic-User

Koblold Chosen Archer
Q 4+, C 2, 26 points
Short Move, Gregarious, Shooter (Medium), Good Shot

14x Koblold Warriors
Q 4+, C 2, @15 points
Short Move, Gregarious

Clan Splinter Maw

The Boy’s Goblins consists of:

Draxes Splintermaw – Goblin Leader
Q 4+, C 3, 45 points

Molusk – Cave Troll
Q 4+, C 4, 54 points
Big Savage, Slow, Tough

Q 4+, Combat 3, 35 points
Slow, Big, Long Move

Q 4+, C 3, 27 points
Gregarious, Heavy Armour

Q 4+, C 3, 23 points

4x Goblin Warrior
Q 4+, C 2, @ 15 points

2x Goblin Elite Archer
Q 4+, C 2, 26
Shooter (medium), Unerring Aim


Setting up.

The Halfling Hollow Defence Committee – ready for action!

Everyone else ready to go!

On Turn one the Halflings get the first move and steadying make their way forward…

The better quality Humans surge forward! Yikes!

Oh, and they shot Clement (my Elite Archer) and knocked him down.

After the B.A.M. the Kobolds went! Their leader scorred THREE activations, used two to rush ahead and the third to inspire the group of Kobold Warriors behind him to activate as a group… a Q4+ with +1 for leader and +1 for being “Gregarious” they only failed on ones…

They, for whatever reason, were not-so-motivated… perhaps it was because there was a DRAGON somewhere nearby!?

So the Koblold Leader was left out in front on his own with a small smattering of “loyal” Kobolds following half-heartedly at a distance…

The Halflings went first on Turn Two (at least it wasn’t a DRAGON!). After Clement got up and moved forward, two of my regular archers – Corky and Narned) climbed the trail up to the plateau to find two goblins there – Corky got an arrow off – a goblin recoiled… then Finkwit rolled snake-eyes for his activation and that was it for my turn…

Round about the beginning of Turn Two…

Amanda’s Mothers went next surging forward and surrounding the Dragon’s egg. Her archer got another shot off at poor Clement – rolled a 6… +3 is 9… I rolled a one… +C of 2…. Yeah, that’s a gruesome kill – He took and arrow in the neck and gurgled up foamy blood while leting out an unearthly squeal that chilled his fellow Halflings to the bone…

So… they all left… about half of them were within Long of poor dying Clement so then all had to take a Morale test – they did okay as Randal Ferfut – their leader – was also nearby. Only about half of them failed and only one or tow ran far enough to end up off the table… Unfortunately Randal then wet himself and fled the field… triggering another round of morale tests and that took most of the rest off the table…. And then the rest tested one more time (because they were well under half strength) and that was that…

The Girls was having a hard time with the dice rolling as well and not getting her Kobolds going… a few made it to the height of the pass and engaged the Women waiting there.

The boy’s goblins and such made it there as well and also engaged a few of the women - who were fighting a delaying action against the Kobolds while the rest scarpered with the egg.

Three of the Warrior Women (including the Wizard’s Apprentice) went down in that delaying action, but it worked out as the rest made a clean getaway!

No Dragon showed up!


Afterwards we sorted out all the campaign stuff…

One of the Warrior women and the Wizard’s Apprentice died of their wounds, but the other made a quick recovery. They collected 140 gold  - 20 from income, 20 from their exploration (during which they were ambushed by lizard folk – but killed their leader and looted him for the gold) and 100 for the egg. Everyone surviving got their first experience point and Amanda decided to hire another Warrior (to replace the one lost), a second Archer, an Assassin, and an Eagle!

I collected 25 gold – just enough to hire a replacement Elite Archer (he is named Kane). I also found a Keg during my post-game explorations.

The Girl’s Koblolds didn’t lose any of their number and collected 15 gold. They got lost during their post game explorations and will have -1 to initiative at the start of their next game.

The Boy’s goblins also suffered no losses and collected 10 gold… The shambled by a roadside shrine during their explorations, but paid it no mind…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Painting update…? I’m working on a few Wizards and Wandering Monsters for Frostgrave. I also have some  more ECW stuff sitting ont eh wowrkbench… and other odd and sundry bits.

I’d like to make some more ruined city terrain as well – so I can had TWO boards to play on (or just cover a bigger area on a table).

Next game will probably be Skirmish Saturday Night – will we be playing Frostgrave or Song of Blades and Heroes…? Stay tuned to find out! 


  1. Another great bat rep. I'm insanely jealous of the amount of games you get to play...and with your family! I need to get my act together...

    1. Thanks Gordon. It's kind of our thing - we decided this last year to focus on setting more time aside to do things together as a family, and it just happens that what my kids love doing the most is playing games! Of course that's probably because I've raised them to love games... something about reaping and sowing there... Anyway, I do count myself VERY fortunate that everyone in my family loves doing this together!

    2. I smile and so enjoy your involvement, as gordon says its great. My sons and I many years ago always had a game night all round the table heroquest, warhammer quest , space crusade etc, today they still comment on great times. thank you for pictures and AARs always

    3. Cheers! Thats my hope - that they'll remember the good times playing games (and maybe not-so-mcuh the occasional time that Dad got cranky and a bit shouty...).

  2. Great scenario, and looks like it was a lot of fun to play.