Sunday, October 11, 2015

Still More English Civil War

A few more things for the English Civil War rolling off the workbench this week…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Another English Regiment. All these figures are from Old Glory.

Skirmishy Light Cavalry – also from Old Glory.

A pair of Highlanders – the fellow with the combed morion striking furiously with a broadsword is from Old Glory, the besotted wretch with the tankard and cleaver is from Warlord Games.

Spare Drummer  – also from Old Glory.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Still more of these on the way… highlanders… cavalry… more...

I think I’m also going to have a terrain-making day this weekend – I need to nake a second table worth of ruined city terrain as I now have (in theory) over eight players in our Frostgrave campaign and only four can play at any give time (luckily not everyone shows up each week wanting to play Frostgrave!). Also more options for ruined city terrain couldn’t hurt! 


  1. Really enjoy seeing your ECW project advance.

    1. Thanks Jonathan! I'm really having a lot of fun with it right now. I need to get them on the tabletop and PLAY with them at some point!

  2. If you do go for terrain building perhaps we could have a few pointers on how you go about construction?

    1. Perhaps... I'd like to, but that takes more time. To actually think about my process and take pictures as I go and then to edit the pictures and actually write up something to post with them... I have a LOT of terrain I'd like to build and not a huge amount of time to do it in and at this point I'd rather get more done... I'm not saying "no"... but don't hold your breath...

  3. What's not to like? Each figure is fantastic, great details!