Sunday, July 10, 2016

261st Reserve Infantry Regiment

This is the second of the German Regiments I painted up over nine years ago to oppose the 4th Canadian Division at the North end of Vimy Ridge. (the other regiment – the 11th Bavarian Infantry Regiment – I posted earlier)

The 261st Reserve Infantry Regiment was part of the 79th Reserve infantry Division – which was part of the 1st Bavarian Reserve Corps (Gruppe Vimy)

261st Reserve Infantry Regiment

Regimental Command – currently a sigle staff officer (that I made myself)

Trench Mortars – from Renegade Miniatures (The 261st held hill 145 – which I know had a trench mortar batteries on it!)

I/261st Reserve Infantry Regiment

II/261st Reserve Infantry Regiment

III/261st Reserve Infantry Regiment

I found an interesting article about the 79th Reserve Infantry Division in Canadian Military History Volume 15 Issue 1. It is available in PDF here:

There is also a Wikipedia entry about the Division here:

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Could be a game report for a Fear and Faith/Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters game we played on Friday… or the 22nd Battalion, which I finished up last night… or the 16th Battalion, which I finished rebasing… or some other random stuff…?

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