Thursday, November 30, 2023

November Games

I've started scheduling these posts, so they go up just before midnight on the last day of the Month. That way you can find the November Games post as the last post in November in the Blog Archive (over on the left if you're looking at this on a desktop computer... I have no idea where it is if you're looking at this on your phone...!?).

I can edit it throughout the month, adding games as I play them... 

If this post shows up with NOTHING in it other than this description... it's because I didn't end of playing ANY games this month. And I'm probably very, very sad. 

(or I've gotten so out of practice at doing this... BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T BEEN PLAYING GAMES AS MUCH ANYMORE.... that I just FORGOT to add to the post) 

The former seems more likely though...

I might do the same with the LOOKING BACK AT 2023 post and the GAME PLAN 2024 post...? Or not... 

Anyway, here's what I got up to, if I got up to anything at all:

Saturday, 25 November 2023

I DID get in ONE GAME this month!!!

Chris and Christian and I got together on Discord and played a game of Five Parsecs from Home. 

It was a short and bloody affair... or... BURNY affair - as most of the wounds were caused by laser guns...?

You can read the full game report here:

Five Parsecs From Home - Online Campaign - Round Two - Regular Delivery Bots

A lot of work has been done on the house... The basement is looking more or less DONE... we just have to move stuff back in and organize everything... Amanda assures me the proverbial dust shall have settled by the Holidaze and we'll have plenty of time to play games then. She even said she'd be willing to give either Five Parsecs from Home or Five Leagues from the Borderlands a try. 

I am hoping I'll get back to my Five Parsecs from Home solo campaign in the near future... and maybe I'll start up a Five Leagues from the Borderlands co-operative campaign with Amanda... we shall see... 

Oh, I guess that's another thing that happened this month... 

My FLGS - Dragon's Den Games in Saskatoon - got in a physical copy of Five Leagues from the Borderlands... and I went and bought it. Looking forward to giving it a try soon. Hopefully it won't COMPLETELY DISTRACT ME from the Five Parsecs from Home campaign!? 

Also, I picked up a few of the expansions for both games on Cyber Monday. I'd hoped they'd all be 50% off (as Five Parsecs from Home was Last Year). In the end, NONE of the pdfs were on sale on Modiphius' website... but a few of them were on Drive-Thru RPG (thought not at 50% off!) I did pick up two of the expansions for Five Parsecs from Home and the one for Five Leagues from the Borderlands. 

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