Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recent Stuff

I’ve been doing a bit of rebasing and sprucing up of bases of stuff I rebased a while back…. Organizing and taking stock of what I have and what needs to be done for various different projects… Been painting a bit on this and that…

Here’s some of the stuff that’s rolled off the workbench in the last couple days.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here are a few new Mounted Vikings I had and thought I’d paint them up to be a Viking “Hero” stand if I ever wanted to include one in a HOTT game. Im not totally pleased with the flags, they were a bit rushed and may be replaced at some point…

Two of these bad boy Bolshevik commanders were rebased, the third was 95% painted… and I just made the flag. Still a finished figure is a finished figure.

This will be a Bolshevik General in our Great War/Russian Civil War HOTT games. I used him in last night’s game. I classified him as a Spear General, which gave him +5 Combat factor (+4 for spear, +1 for general) versus everything, quick-killed by knights (Armoured Cars) in good going and Warband. I think if worked out pretty good – but don’t actually quick-kill anything themselves... Fairly resilient, slow-moving,

These Tasrist Generals have just been rebased, but look pretty nice so… I called the Rider General… but that gives them a +4 tactical factor and they quick kill shooters – which is the bulk of the stands on the table – so they’d be likely end up being used as shock troops… which just doesn’t seem right for commanders of this era… maybe I’ll only allow him to be used as the commander of the Cossacks – when they’re fielded in large enough numbers to qualify as a command unto themselves!

A couple of Chinese Warlord Generals. Again, just rebasing them…

Maybe I’ll just call all HQ stands – whether the figures are on horses or not – “Spears”

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some Roman Auxilia have some how made it on to my workbench…? along with the other sundry items already cluttering it. I really have to nail down a project to work on and get focused!


  1. Tim,

    Good report as usual. Question for you. It seems that cavalry was fairly successful against shooters. Do you think they were too successful against the shooters? Historically, didn't they get shot up most of the time when they charged magazine rifle armed infantry?

  2. I don't know. We'll have to play with them some more and see. In these two particular instances in the latest battle there were circumstances that gave them an advantage.

    In the first charge they were charging downhill upon infantry waiting on the revers slope of a hill. The uphill advantage put them at even odds with the infantry and they were equal in number. Good rolling and a quick kill against shooters made short work of them.

    In the second instance the cavalry charged at infantry that were turned in the opposite direction - only those contacted turned, so though they had numerical superiority they weren't able to add overlaps.

    Neither seem TOO unreasonable to me. In the first the horse charged over the crest of a hill and were upon the infantry before they could do much... In the second it was basically cavalry riding down infantry that was running away.

    We may need to make shooters a bit more powerful... but I'd like to play it a bit more and see how things continue to work out...