Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s Going to be a HOTT Fall!

This fall I am running a Hordes of the Things campaign for friends both near and far. It will kind of work on two different levels.

First the Strategic campaign will be played by friends who do not live in Saskatoon. They will act as the heads of state for the various nations involved and conduct diplomatic negotiations via email and submit movement orders for their field army once per week (on Mondays).

Second will be the tabletop battles which will be played out by those that do live in and around Saskatoon at our regular Wednesday night game night. The strategic email campaign will essentially act as a scenario generator for our weekly games night.

I’m just working on a good copy of the map right now and sorting out who is playing which nation. Stay tuned for regular campaign updates! The map will be done in the next couple days, armies deployed next week, and the first campaign turn begins the following week!!

Oh and the strategic players aren’t going to know who each other are… (all correspondence will be filed through me!). So if you’re playing in the strategic campaign and commenting on this blog – please try to not give away who you are playing!?


  1. Much, much looking forward to this (I'm a strategic player--first time anyone has described me as that!).

    I love the idea of funnelling communication through you so we can't know who we're really dealing with. Much more "realistic"!

    I would like Amanda to be my legate, since she always wins!

  2. Not so!

    CVT utterly crushed her when he was just in town!