Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wizard and a Ninja

Just a quick update on the painting front…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

On the left is an old Games Workshop/Citadel Minatures Oriental Wizard and on the right is a Ninja from Old Glory. The Wizard I’ve had forever, but just never seemed to get around to finishing him off. The Ninja is brand new – CVT brought a bag as partial payment for the Anglo-Danish I painted for him.

They join a modest group of Oriental Adventurers… Though there shall soon be more!

For one, I have another THIRTY ninjas on the workbench (somehow they’ve bumped the Romans!?). Now I know what you’re thinking “Who needs thirty Ninjas!?” and all I’ve got to say to you is – Who DOESN’T need thirty ninjas!!! I mean you can always add ninjas to just about any setting to make it super-cool!

In addition to the ninjas, CVT ordered me some Old Glory Samurai from WarWeb.com - enough to make a DBA army and a couple left over for skirmishing.

I’ve always wanted a Samurai army… I mean I grew up in the 1980’s; Ran, Shogun, all those damn ninja movies, Groo (not Japanese/samurai per se – but he did have samurai swords…!), AD&D’s Oriental adventures…. (of which I still have my copy – purchased in 1985…). I think the first army I ever wanted to build was Samurai… but they weren’t so easily available at the time…

Anyway… They’re not going to be queue-jumping or anything, but they’re in the pipe…

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Does it get any better than this!?


  1. "Does it get any better than this?"
    Romans vs Ninjas? But that'd be silly...right?

  2. What ninjas, I don't see any ninjas?