Monday, September 20, 2010

Canadian Engineers, etc

I’ve divided the remaining Candian infantry into four batches of about ten or so figures. I finished up the first of such batches last night.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These Engineers are from Bolt Action Miniatures. I’m not entirely sure which of the four engineer types would be appropriate for a battalion’s pioneer platoon, or which would be divisional RCE field squadron elements. The fellow with the bolt cutters would be fine for the pioneer platoon. I have a feeling the minesweeper and chap with the demolition detonator thingie would be fine as well. But how about the Flamethrower? I think it’s the only item in my book on the Canadian Army in Northwest Europe that doesn’t list what type of unit it was issued to. I have a feeling it wasn’t an infantry battalion piece of kit…

Conveniently the unit flash of the Royal Canadian Engineers is also red (like the Regina Rifles – the unit that I’m painting the infantry as), it’s just a slightly different shape. So hapofully no on w will complain too much…

The rest of these are a mix of Bolt Action Miniatures, Artizan Designs, and others.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Something Canadian… Infantry… Shermans… I was briefly tempted to set the Canadians aside and work on Germans – which would be a bit more useful at the moment… but the feeling has passed and I’m pretty much committed to finishing off these Canucks before I move on to the next lot.


  1. Impressive in quality as well as quantity Tim

    Excellent work :)

  2. Thanks... I have another batch of 13 that I was working on last night that I'm very nearly finished - just rifles, insignia, eyeballs and basing. Unfortunately I have a board meeting tonight so I probably won't get a chance to finish them up... urrrrrrr....

  3. Great work Tim on the Canadians.

    My commission is just about finished for the Canadians. I've used the PPCLI as the unit for the client.

    Thanks for your help with the links.



  4. Thanks Helen!

    I sure hope you get some pics of the Patricias up on your blog!!

  5. What paint did you use for the Canadian's uniform?

  6. I just mixed it myself... greens, browns, tans... until it "looked right" (or right enough for me!). Probably not too helpful... sorry...