Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pre-Feudal Scots Warband and Army Marker

A few more elements for my Pre-Feudal Scots – now half finished!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are the Warband elements for my Pre-Feudal Scots DBA army.

The stand with the flag and horn blower is the Warband General option (the other option for the general being the Cavalry General - which I’ve already completed)

All the figures are from Old Glory.

This is an Army Marker for the Pre-Feudal Scots army.

For the campaign(s) I’m running I’ll have a map (like this one I used for a previous HOTT campaign) and I'll use these markers to indicate where each kingdom's field army is at.

These figures are also all from Old Glory.

This is just another odd Black Tree Design Viking Berserker I happened to finish up around the same time…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I spent Saturday manufacturing and assembling some spears and lances for the Spear elements in Pre-Feudal Scots and the Norman/West Frank Knight. Unfortunately I ran out of paperclips before I could finish the lances for the knights. Those that got done got primed this morning. I also have six stands of Anglo Saxon Spear assembled, primed and ready to go… Hard to say which I'll get going on first...

I’ve been very tempted to paint some elements for some HOTT armies… and some more Great War stuff… and some War of 1812 stuff… even some 20mm WW2 stuff for Blitzkrieg Commander!? But so far I have managed to stay on target with the Dark Age stuff. Hope I can keep that up for the next four weeks!! (LESS THAN four weeks!)

I've also been looking at the Test Version of DBA3.0 and considering using that for the camapaign - along with 4'x4' battle fields... I'd need to make some new playing surfaces and terrain... we shall see...


  1. Really fantastic painting & basing. The patterned cloaks are particularly impressive and beautifully done. Dean

  2. Great work there Tim. Really impressed with the tartans.

  3. Your plaid just gets better and better.