Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Jackals

“The Jackals” are the handpicked, elite personal guard of the president of Timbogo (the fictional African nation that has been the focus of some of my AK-47 Republic/Cold War Commander campaigns). The Jackals are ruthless and loyal and have been highly trained by foreign mercenaries that have boasted previous experience in various special operations forces throughout the world (SAS, US Special Forces, Spetznaz, etc.).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

“The Jackals” are actually surplus British SAS figures I had from The Assault Group.

At some point I thought I might pick up some more 28mm Africans to play out some more clashes between the Federal Army of the Republic of Timbogo (F.A.R.T.) and their arch nemesis the Peoples Revolutionary Army of Timbogo (P.R.A.T.).

I already have an African Generalthat I though could Head up P.R.A.T.

The President for Life figure from Matakishi’s Tea House looks like a perfect leader for F.A.R.T.

The rest of the F.A.R.T. and P.R.A.T. forces I could fill out with a mix of The Assault Group African Militia and Congolese figures from Britannia Miniatures and/or Mongrel Miniatures

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More minis… sometime… Could be Belgian Carbiniers or mreo modern stuff.

The recent surge in modern stuff is due mostly to me breaking down and picking up Force on Force


  1. These are excellent, well done! That Assault Group range is very tempting...

    1. Thanks Curt!

      Stay on target! STAY ON TARGET!!

  2. I am waiting for the coalition of Nigerian killers figures to come out before jumping in.