Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Modern British

Trying to finish up a few forces – the British seem close to completion, so I thought I’d work on a few of them. This is the last of the infantry I have (though I just ordered one more pack of four command-types…). The only things remaining are two more Warriors MCVs and three Challenger tanks. I’d like to pick up an Imprint Models Scimitar to round out this force. Maybe at some point I’ll pick up a WMIK or two…

So far I have about two sections worth of generic British infantry in helmets from The Assault Group. My plan was to do about a section worth of each of the other hat guys available: Paras, Highlander, and Fusiliers – that I could mix and match with to fill out at platoon with a bit of “flavour”. 

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (The Black Watch). Currently a Light Role Battalion (so I shouldn’t really be using the Warriors with them…)

Of course they “currently” aren’t wearing DPM anymore, either… and most of the conflicts they’ll be serving in are completely fictitious…. so…. Black Watch Armoured Infantry it is!! Huzzah!

Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The 1st battalion is Armoured infantry, so I could use the Warriors with them and feel a little less ahistorical

Sustained Fire GPMG team.

Yet another sniper…

Once I finish up the vehicles and that Command Team (when they arrive) I'll post pictures of the entire force...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hard to say… I have some French VABs I’m assembling along with the other Warrior MCVs and Challengers… I’ve also had my eye on a Sci Fi unit that’s awfully close to completion that I could finish off and have a decent unit for use in Tomorrow’s War… A few more US Marines also arrived… 


  1. Looking great, excellent miniatures and awesome paintjob and finishing.

    Looking forward in another bunch of great looking miniatures and vehicles.


  2. Nice work Tim, love the Brits.