Thursday, November 8, 2012

Special Air Service (in Desert DPM)

This is the last of the Modern British SAS I am doing in Desert DPM. While a good chunk of these I’ve had for years, over the summer I’d picked up a pile more from North Bay Games and Hobbies when they were blowing out their Assault Group stock. I actually now have enough to do the same bunch in Temperate DPM as well!?

I’d, at one point, organized these into specific fire teams or patrols, but have taken a more flexible attitude to the organization of these. Largely because I don’ think one would ever (EVER!?) find this many Special Air Service Troopers all in one place on an operation together… When I looked over all the stuff I’d picked up in the sale (and the stuff I’d had already) I decided just to do two big bunches of troopers (one in Desert DPM, one in Temperate DPM) with a variety of kit and weapons that could then be tailored to any sort of scenario I could dream up…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are the most recent additions to the force – and the last ones I’m planning on painting in Desert DPM.

This is the entire force. All the figures are from The Assault Group.

This is the first of the packs that I bought; “SAS fire team with silenced weapons”. For some reason the packs that were available (in North America, at least) when these were first available, were in packs of eight. So I have eight of them. At one point I was using these as “Patrol Leaders” – but as part of my re-thinking/reorganization I realized they probably wouldn’t use the MP5 out on “patrol” but rather they might be issued as mission specific kit for some close-quarter direct action.

The next batch I’d picked up;  “SAS fire team with Bergen side packs for CEFO”. Added them to the first pack for some more fire support…

The latest chaps I’ve added – all with Bergns. I think the packs were “SAS fire team with Bergen CEMO” and “SAS fire team 4 (bergans)”. Handy for a scenario involving a patrol on the move that bumps into some bad guys…

A pair of radio operators – perhaps FACs for calling in air strikes.

Some Snipers. I ended up with two packs of snipers – for a total of 16!? I obviously don’t need that many SAS snipers – so some of them are working their way into other forces… These two I kept for the SAS.

A pair of operators with Stinger Missile launchers. Not sure how useful these will be… Considering in most theatres the SAS has operated in, the British/Coalition has pretty much had complete air superiority… but perhaps if the War in Burkadurkastan escalates (and I finish the pair of Hind D models I picked up recently…)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have some Modern United States Marines coming up next. They’re done; just have to take some pictures… Maybe later today. 

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