Monday, February 4, 2013

WW2 Tankers and Modern Africans

A few more items rolling off the workbench after a productive weekend (of very late nights!)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Canadian tank crew from Black Tree Design.

German tank crew, also from Black Tree Design.

Canadian casualties from Black Tree Design.

Modern African Militia from The Assault Group.

A couple of odds and sods: kid with a machete from Hasslefree Miniatures
 and “Saddam Resisting” and a captured terrorist from The Assault Group.

I’m not totally excited about the kid. I had no idea he’d be so… TINY!? As the pictures of their minis take up the same space in the frame and they’re not really shown WITH others – even though in the description I think it alluded to the figure being youthful – I assumed from his proportions that he was like a teenager and might be slightly smaller than the other adults… but wow… it doesn’t even look like a kid to me. the head is too small and jacket not nearly bulky enough. I suppose if I was patient I could have “converted” – made the hood a bit bigger and made the proportions look more like the belong to a kid that height. Normally I don’t complain about figures – and usually everything from hasslefree is awesome… I guess when I pay THAT MUCH for a figure, and it doesn’t rock my world… I get just a bit peeved… I’m going to let it go now and start planning my next order from Hasslefree…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More modern and WW2 stuff on the workbench right now… What will be next – looks like the crazy cat lady and kid with a gas mask… and after that…?