Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Modern French

As in more of the modern French. Not French that are more modern than the others…

A while back I picked up some Légion Étrangère (and a few Reneault VAB) to make a small modern French force for Force on Force. I wasn’t really totally happy mixing the guys with helmets and the guys in berets. Besides the helmet/beret difference, there’s some serious differences in the kit they’re carrying. The guys in helmets are loaded out for some serious action in some far off region… the guys in berets look like they’re ready to stand guard at the Paris Metro. Also the make up of the packs was different – there was a higher proportion of Minimis in the Beret pack and so I ended up with way more of those than I really needed and not enough guys with the FA-MAS…. So I decided to pick up a few more guys with helmets. I’d still mix in the occasional guy with a beret – but maybe as a team leader or section commander – to help identify such a guy from the rest of the otherwise similarly armed teams…

I just want to give a shout out to Rob at Eureka Miniatures USA - whom I’ve been ordering this fabulous stuff from. I’ve had nothing short of excellent service from Eureka Miniatures USA. Go buy stuff there.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

So here are the new French in helmets (from Eureka Miniatures USA)

I did, however, end up with another pack of guys in berets (long story)… so I've painted them up too…

More Legionnaires in their green berets.

These guys I did in red berets to pass off as Marine Para- Commandos or Chasseurs Para….? Teh guy in the center has a bit of a crazed look about him... I think there is an errant piece of static grass on his upper lip adding to the bizarreness of his look. 

Here’s all the guys with helmets – a light platoon - but could be filled out with a couple guys with berets... 

And the entire force so far (not that I have lots to do or plans to acquire any additional stuff… but in miniature wargaming no force is ever “done” until you get rid of it, or die…).

(I do have a 1:48 VBL to do at some point!)

I've just noticed there's a guy standing backwards in that last picture - can you spot him? It was really, REALLY cold outside while I was taking the pics - despite being +2°C earlier this week it was -30°C with the windchill when I went out to take these pics earlier today - and by the time I was arranging things for this last picture it felt like my finger were going to fall off! (so I was a bit rushed!) 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A game report? I’m hoping to get in a game (or two) of Force on Force or maybe Tomorrow’s War or Ambush Z. Maybe these guys will even get to see some action!?

Painting-wise? Not sure… Maybe a T-72? Right now I have Zombies, and WW2 Soviets and American Paras, and Vietnam ANZACs, and Geezers, and Assorted other moder-ish civilians and military-types… Who knows – now that I’m done these I’ll dig out that VBL kit and get it done! (actually since I started typing this I DID get the VBL out and have it mostly assembled, just about ready for priming… So expect that soon-ish!) 


  1. Excellent work as always, Tim; particularly the various camo. Best, Dean

  2. Really nice Camilla outfit, you have painted for the French!

  3. Yes the camo is nice. I think the fellow to the left of the middle APC in the back row is backwards.

    1. Cheers!

      Wait...? What...? The one I'd spotted was the guy in the very bottom left of the picture, and there's a couple guys near him that are backwards or at least totally sideways... Maybe it's hard to see... they're camouflaged and all... (probably why I can't see the one you're referring to!?)