Sunday, February 15, 2015

WW2 Soviets!?

Now those that have been paying attention will probably be wondering: “What? I thought Tim was ‘sick’ of WW2?” - I assure you this is not part of a renewed interest in the most over-gamed war in history. On Friday I ran a new Call of Cthulhu adventure (using a mash-up of Flying Lead and A Tale of Blades and Heroes) called Cold Harvest - which involves the players playing NKVD agents investigating a drop in production and potential “anti-soviet activities” at a collective farm way off in the middle of nowhere. The adventure is more investigation than action, but I thought I’d paint up some of these NKVD agents I happen to have on hand. And while I was looking through the storage drawers I noticed how very few 28mm WW2 Russians I had remaining to paint… so I thought I’d paint them up so I could say “DONE”! Because that’s how I roll…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The first batch of the remiaing WW2 Soviets. I’ll hopefully have another post next week with the last of them – then perhaps I’ll update the 28mm World War Two Gallery with pictures of the complete force.

The aforementioned NKVD agents from Black Tree Design.

Dead NKVD agent – actually just a regular dead Soviet infantryman – but this one didn’t have a helmet (as most of them do) so I painted him to look a little like the NKVD agent so I’d have a casualty to plop on the table if any of them die – just to add to the horror of it all.

NKVD agents with Rifles

NKVD agents with sub-machineguns

I think this guy was supposed to be a Soviet staff officer  that came in a pack from West Wind Productions, but I thought I might be able to pass him off as a Soviet Naval Officer (as I do have some Soviet Naval Infantry… and I figured they could do with an officer)

Soviet General from the Black Tree Design Men of War line.

Commie Cossak from Artizan Designs

Two soviets from Blue Moon Manufacturing.

Finally two guns from the Plastic Soldier Model Company 28mm Anti-tank gun kit – it comes with two gun carriages and crews and barrel options to build either 45mm M1937 anti tank gun, 45mm M1942 anti tank gun or 76mm M1943 infantry gun – as I already have a 45mm M1937 anti tank gun (from Bolt Action) I built the other two options.

45mm M1942 anti tank gun and crew. These are nice little kits that give lots of little bits to make a bit of a diorama – shell casings, ammor crates, rilfes, etc.

Another shot of the 45mm M1942 anti tank gun.

76mm M1943 infantry gun

Again with the 76mm M1943 infantry gun.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

As previously mentioned I have another batch of WW2 Soviets on the workbench (including THREE T-34/76 tanks!) that I’d decided to finish off so I call that collection DONE! There are also still some Great War Canadians and Micro Sci-fi and other odd and sundry bits lurking in the wings…

I also just finished reading Flying Lead and the lastest update for the Galleys and Galleons play-test rules and I am eager to give both a try in the next week! 


  1. They look really rather nice!
    That gun basing is excellent :)

    1. Thanks Mike! I'm rather pleased with how they turned out as well. I think the extra bits that came with the kit - shell casings, ammo crates, etc... really add a lot to it.

  2. I've only used the Flying Lead rules once, but I like how they add the extra detail for weaponry. It seems like a small difference but the net result is a hugely different game .

    1. That was my feeling from the initial read through the rules. I'm excited to see how it plays out in a tabletop skirmish.

  3. Very impressive work, Tim - the shadings are particularly nice! Greetings :)

  4. Nice work! The Commie Cossack femme fatale could be played by Barbara Bach (Force Ten From Navarrone), and the hefty Soviet officer waving the pistol could be Leon Askin (General Burkhalter from Hogan's heroes).